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SINFONIA'S SECOND DEMO IS HERE! If you like boy school drama in a faux-victorian setting you should definitely check it out!

This demo has around 1h of gameplay depending on your reading speed & covers the first week of the game. Download link, further info & content warnings here

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Heyo I'm Caine and I draw a lot of OCs and make adopts sometimes! I also write and occasionally cosplay but art is what you'll see the most here ☆


Technically I drew this yesterday, but I got a bit sidetracked and forgot to upload.

I know I posted the Jonathan one earlier but I made a matching ref for Claude for this setting too!! I really like drawing them as adults too and nordic inspired fantasy is super close o my heart as a Finn haha

Some OC design sketches for my AU version of Jonathan (he's a crown prince!!!) and human/demon hybrid Sage who is doing their best to live among humans despite not fully being one

it's the laskiaispulla season which is arguably the best time of the year right after the general summer season

Moved to a new apartment!! Took me several days to get the old one cleaned and the new one arranged but it's so worth it bc this apartment is 100 times better

"Despite all the ills of this world, I am thankful for the life she gave me."

art. Lov this game; am about to go mildly wild painting fan art.

I also got super nice feedback from people which really made me feel like maybe I don't suck at writing in Finnish after all. At least that badly. It's my native tongue but I have been using English for writing for so many years I don't really have my own "voice" when it comes to Finnish and I find it unpleasant to use

Had my first creative writing course meeting today and even though it was 6 hours in a row and absolutely killed me physically I had fun! It was fun seeing other people and learning from them

Trying to figure out whether a group of warlocks is called a 'cabal', a 'coincedence,' a 'tangle', or a 'disaster'.⠀

With deep apologies and admiration for the compositions of Marcós Mateu-Mestre; I'm studying Framed Ink by slotting my own characters in to visual structures he has designed. ⠀

Woke up to seeing the official itch ic account posting my game demo and suddenly waking up this early and being super tired don't feel bad at all ;_;

On unrelated news I LOVE how you can keep track of where people find your game on itch io like it's so cool

migraine is a terrible illness thanks for coming to my ted talk

indeed it's my greatest joy to miss out on big opportunities in life by claiming I have a migraine it's my favourite hobby to watch my friends having fun without me

migraine is literally controlling my life and considerably holding me back from living like a normal person but apparently im just lying for attention because obviously I just want to miss out on life

Oh yeah and also the classic: men can't apparently have a migraine (so clearly im imagining the pain here) and women who claim have a migraine are just making it up because women are stupid and make a big deal out of everything

I swear to god they need to start making stricter policies on who gets to be a doctor or not bc this shit is VILE!!!!!!

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