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SINFONIA'S SECOND DEMO IS HERE! If you like boy school drama in a faux-victorian setting you should definitely check it out!

This demo has around 1h of gameplay depending on your reading speed & covers the first week of the game. Download link, further info & content warnings here

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Heyo I'm Caine and I draw a lot of OCs and make adopts sometimes! I also write and occasionally cosplay but art is what you'll see the most here ☆

Also hey thanks for almost 100 followers!! I never expected that tbh considering 99% of the people who follow me elsewhere don't use this site

I've been super busy with school stuff recently and tried to combat it by playing digimon cyber sleuth so that's why my art speed is gonna be slow until like May

I meant to say recently and not lately but whatever

Drew a friend's character and honestly...

I would really like to draw dead looking characters for a living.

A dancer who occasionally drowns out her sorrows in Jazz.
She's great with the Saxophone.


hey artists, as much as i appreciate your generosity, please please please please PLEASE don't send a full art file to someone until they have ***paid you.*** relying on the good will of others is admirable but also not the smartest move. there have been like 3 artists i've worked with the past couple of months that have sent me high-res versions of my art and an invoice after the fact. nothing would stop a shittier person from never paying you!!! get your 💰 before you send the final product!!

"why do you go to speech therapy??" because god said fuck this guy's throat structure in particular

I was at the speech therapist today and she gave me this neat resonance pipe to use after every day's throat muscle practice but it also feels really bizarre?? like I basically just have to blow into it while the other side of the pipe is 2cm inside the water. it's literally just making water bubbles and it's a legitimate part of my workout routine


Technically I drew this yesterday, but I got a bit sidetracked and forgot to upload.

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