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I’ve had this in my bookmarks for a while now: A great template for simple and uncomplicated commission contracts with thorough explanations! It’s not as intimidating as the legalese contracts you (should) have with bigger publishers, while still protecting you when working small time gigs. Check it out and save it for later, might come in handy:

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So, your a content creator who makes not family safe and/or queer content and you're worried about puritanical USian corporate social media completely destroying your ability to publish your work.

You decide you need a website. But don't know where to start.

Well, :thread:

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some tests for the brushes I am making, their inspiration are the watercolor brushes from medibang. Tried to replicate some brush tips from medibang in krita too. hopefully I will be able to release them soon, I just need to find better names for them and redo the brush thumbnails cause they are a mess, though i will probably take a while to test them a bit more.

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Sometimes a painting just needs another day. If you’re stuck and can’t seem to improve it no matter what, it often helps to just let it rest for a day and come back later. Distance helps a lot (which is also why crunch is so ineffective). Take the breaks you need!

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Good day, MastoArtians! :D

It's emojo time! :bob_ross: :louis_toots_too: :make_like_edmonia:

We'd like to add a few more custom emojos to our roster, and give you lovely creative people an opportunity to design your own and submit them ^.^

Criteria: 32x32px transparent PNG. It would be extra nice if they're creativity-themed, but that's not essential. Make them fun! :D

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Hello, my lovely •ARTists! :bob_ross:

A heads up that we'll be closing the account registration form temporarily starting very soon. We'll reopen it again in the near future.

Until then, you can generate as many invites as you want in your Preferences page. So please keep inviting friends!

Just be sure to practice good security with your invites; don't post unlimited ones publicly if you can help it. :da_cuddle:

Thank you for your understanding!

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If you're new here on Mastodon.Art, an introduction post and updating your profile are a good way to start.

Your intro post doesn't have to be anything specific, but you can tell people what you like, what you do, or why you're here. Common interests can help start conversations and let people know why to follow you.

If you have any questions, we have a great owner and team here: @Curator, @ChrisTalleras, @emergencybattle, @adamk678 and myself.

Welcome to the community 😄 :mastohi:

Miranda Thethi, a character from our DnD campaign. Originally from the game Radiata Stories.


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