When I tell you that there's a way to automatically give $24 a year to one of your favorite artists, what's your reaction?

If you go right to:

"Ya, but I already give so much to charities."

My answer is:

Art isn't charity. It's beauty and the love of other humans made tangible across space and time: gwennseemel.com/blog/2021/0913

If, instead, you say:

"Ya, but I can't afford to support the artist as much as I want to."

My answer is:

So if $24 per year isn't as much as you want to give, you'd rather give nothing? In my world, $24 means six more fine point brushes, and, since I go through at least one with every painting I make, six more size 00 brushes translates to four more artworks. Artists can do a whole lot with small sums of money!


Or if you tell me:

"Ya, but I don't even support my own creativity."

My answer is:

If you're not encouraging yourself to make, that's definitely a problem. Here's a drawing tutorial that might help you get you creating again:gwennseemel.com/blog/2015/0907

And this is a whole series about how to love your art better: gwennseemel.com/blog/2020/0516

Please know that your creativity matters to full-time artists: gwennseemel.com/blog/2015/0226

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But if you hear that there's a way to support artists in a small way that, along with other people's micro-contributions, can add up to a lot, and your response is:

"Sign me up!"

My answer is:

Thank you. Here's how it works: patreon.com/gwenn

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