To celebrate my birthday this year I steam cleaned my studio rugs and splurged on fancy fermented vegan cheeses to figure out which one I like best.

To anyone who guesses my age (or close to it) by this Saturday at noon New York time, I'll mail you fun art stickers (if you give me an address obvi).

Also, I realize it's easy to cheat, but everyone knows that ill-gotten stickers never stick right. :p


Anymore age guesses? I'm only sending out to one person so far, and I have so much sticker love to give!

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@gwenn 38? I’m over estimating obvs but two decades of full time art work that’s the lowest really.

@Chloeg 41! So close! If you give me your address I'll happily send you stickers!

@gwenn I’d love a sticker! But I dont want it to cost you - I’m in the UK and it it might cost a bit.

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