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'Nother one down! I like knowing that my regular commissioners appreciate me, 'cause then I try harder on their stuff and do cool new things with 'em. \o/

Icon commission! Certainly never thought I'd be drawing this guy, but I'm pretty pleasantly surprised at how well and how quickly this one came together.

Got hit with a random bout of inspiration from a couple things, and decided to whip these guys up! The base is available here: but I'll probably end up making a separate post about that. So! For now, we've got these babies for sale. They're $10 a pop, just comment to claim!

The Sheriff of Fabletown
Fun fact: if your show/anime/game/movie/whatever has a scruffy and/or grumpy detective character in it, chances are they will be my favorite. So far the list includes:
Hubb Lebowski - Wolf's Rain
Ken Edmundo - Heat Guy J
Dick Gumshoe - Pheonix Wright
Zenigata - Lupin III
and now, the newest addition:
Bigby Wolf - The Wolf Among Us/Fables

I'm a simple girl.

'Nother sketch commission down! This time for the lovely Yakome! Had lots of freedom on this one and I think she turned out pretty cute!

Sometimes I draw things and then forget about them until half a year later. Oops. Wanted to play around with toned paper, and ended up redesigning an oft-neglected OC.

Another sketch commission done, this time for a spooky babe named Narcissa! Made the book all glowy on a whim 'cause I thought it'd be cool, luckily the client agreed!

Got to draw this lil' tiefling lady again, all decked out for summer this time! Any day I get to draw cute girls is a good day in my book.

Commissions are open again! Go here for more details:

For some reason I kept forgetting to post this one, but it's been done for a bit! Chibi commission for Rekon on Furcadia, featuring Rekon and Atropa!

'Nother in the queue down! Commission for Ashe Loxeus on Furcadia. Tried some different stuff with this one and I think it turned out pretty neat. \o/

Managed to churn out another one! 'Nother character design/refsheet commission for the same person as the last one! I had a lot of fun with this guy and was tempted to keep him at a few points. Pretty happy with the turnout, and even better the client was, too, so yay. \o/ And now onto the next one~

We now return you to my irregularly unscheduled art posting! Been kinda quiet lately 'cause I've been recovering from a pretty gnarly wisdom tooth extraction, but I'm feeling muuuch better now and still healing. Still managed to get a bit of commission work done while recovering, hopefully gonna finish up some others soon. \o/ This one was a very-not-my-norm portrait for a repeat customer who trusted me to pull it off, and it was pretty fun getting to do something so different.

Whew! This one's been in the works for a bit now (most of March, I think? aside from some errands and break days), but I'm pleased that he's finally done! This was a combo design/refsheet commission, so I had some loose guidelines but also some artistic freedom on this guy. The client was super nice and patient through the whole thing, so I hope they like the final result!

Fanart? From ME? That never happens. Just wanted to draw Gildas, one of my favorite dragon dads from SpyroReignited! This dude was already one of my favorites in the original because I loved his color scheme, but his redesign is just PERFECT, I am so attached.

Media: Prismacolor markers, colored pencil, and gouache on Canson XL mixed media paper.
Gildas belongs to Activision and sadly not me.

'Nother sketch down, for the super cute Arkaine, Kehlani! Had lots of fun with some new brushes on this one, and I think I'll be experimenting with them further~

Fullbody lines + flats for the grumpy , Red! He was lots of fun, and any day I get to use teal and orange together is a good day.

are currently open and will be going toward surprise dental bills, feel free to contact me if you'd like something of your own!

Here I am uploading things JUST skirting under the wire once again! But I come bearing cute things, so hopefully that'll make up for it. Fiance had a super cute comic idea for Valentine's Day, and time kinda got away from me (as it often does) but I really wanted to make this thing happen. This is also the first time we're throwing art of Adalric and Emmalina out there, Adalric's still gonna need some tweaking, but at least now he exists!

Time to crawl out of my cave with a humble offering of arts again. Been workin' on a few different things lately, just haven't posted in a bit! This one's for a very kind and patient now-repeat customer, and I had lots of fun trying some new-ish things on this guy~ Commission queue is wide open if you'd like something like this for yourself or a friend, feel free to message me for deets!

Knocked out another sketch commission the other day. \o/ Still taking these, they're cheap and quick and work well as Christmas presents! Hint hint, nudge nudge.

'Nother sketch commission down, this time of a cute genasi girl! Got to do some kinda experimental stuff on this one and had fun with it~ \o/ I'm open for more stuff like this, they're a pretty handy way to get some cheap quick art for the holidays!

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