I've been holding onto this lil' gal because I really like how she turned out, but the fiancé and I are trying to save up for some things, so he gave me the OK to try and sell her, since he's technically the one that designed her! So I'm thinking $25 OBO gets her? You'll get the full-size PNG as well as her dress separately~ (also if you'd like to see more stuff like this from us just lemme know, 'cause he's got lots more ideas where this one came from!)

What do you MEAN I made a thing and then forgot to post it anywhere? Sounds fake. Anyway, I've been kicking around some product ideas and I've got kind of a series of this type of thing planned, here's the first one! You can get it on RedBubble in a variety of forms, personally I think it looks pretty cool as a sticker! redbubble.com/shop/ap/10391818

Colored sketch commission for a coupla cuties! :3 Had fun with this one, and decided to jazz it up a bit more than my usual sketch commissions because the clients were so sweet. Enjoy!

For once, a fanart upload I haven't sat on for months before uploading! Only, like, a couple days this time. Anyway, this idea's been kicking around in my head for months now but the thought of drawing this girl's design was daunting. Turns out oops, it's a lot of fun actually. So, have a Sylvie enjoying an eye-boba tea!

Finally jumped on the Persona 5 hype train (which means I sat and watched while my fiance actually played it), and ended up liking Ann quite a bit. Then he started Strikers and I saw her new outfit and knew I had to draw her. *_* This was also me experimenting with some new marker paper I had just gotten. It went okay, I guess!

What a shocker, I'm remembering to upload something the day I finish it! Amazing. Anywho, colored bust sketch commission for Oba! Pretty sure I've never drawn a turtle before, so this one was pretty fun!

A cutie-patoot! I love lizerbs and lizerb-related things.

Let me draw all your hot lionesses, please and thank you!

Chibi commish of a cute lil' Goblin gal by the name of Celine! First time I've ever drawn a Goblin, woo~

This one started as a sketch commission that didn't pan out, so I decided to repurpose the sketches as YCH options instead! This one was also a design commish, where I was given a moodboard, and artistic liberty! Ended up being a lot of fun even though I was kinda nervous about it at first, I really like how it turned out~

Catching up on my posting backlog! Colored sketchymadoodle commish for Yugen! I have a big fat crush on this character design, so getting to draw him was an absolute blast. :>

WHOOPS I never posted this one??? That's a shame 'cause I think she turned out pretty cute! Flats + color commish for Khorijinn!

So it turns out it's not just portraits I'm hoarding and forgetting to upload! Did a chibi commission for Honeycake on Furcadia! Super cute character, I had lots of fun with this one~ \o/

Whew! I keep forgetting to upload things lately, but I think this is the last of the ports, aside from some stragglers here and there.

From left to right, top to bottom: Literary, Dharma, Spookette (x2), Aristro, Elf, Shimas, and Tophi!

Whew! It's still the 14th here, so I made it in time, dangit. Fun lil' holiday piece for the fiance and I's project! If you like cute fairies, spooky goth babes, and mythical critters, go check out his gallery to see more of our project stuff! www.deviantart.com/botc-comic

Time for another avalanche! This time featuring a shiny unicorn lad I didn't catch the name of, Dimas, another character whose name I didn't catch, solo jazz, Martyn, Elf, Honeycake, and Aden!

I decided I don't wanna upload these individually anymore, there are too many. @_@ A collection of icon commissions I've been doing lately, for various characters! These are 20 dollhairs a piece, and still available until I get sick of doing them. P:

'Nother icon/port commission, this time for Fernweh! Green and pink are my favorites, so this was super fun. <3

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