Trying to remember to post things outside of my Discord server. .-. I've got like...almost 20 icons to post, better get on that!

Whew! Been drawing a lot, but not posting much lately! Here's a port/icon commission I did for Martyn the mouse!

So I whipped up some winged deer sketches for a commission that ended up not panning out, so I thought why not repurpose em? This one ended up being a character design commission on top of the inital sketch, and I'm pretty pleased with the turnout! \o/

Happy new year, folks! I started this one a while ago, but between being busy with other things, and hitting a few roadblocks, it kept getting put off. Decided to look at it again recently and it only needed a little fixing, so here it is! is the cutest, fight me.

Slowly but surely picking my way through the backlog! Fullbody for Aren, and the first time I've drawn a Sergal. :0 It had to happen sooner or later.

Whoops, I keep finishing things and then only bothering to post them in my discord. :'3 Anywho, finished icon/portrait for Calyan!

I think this marks the first time I've done something like this for a commission/YCH theme, which is weird 'cause Christmas is my favorite holiday. o_o Anyway! I think the deets on the image cover everything, but if you have any questions feel free to message me!

The fanart bug strikes again! I'm a fairly new fighting game convert (although I do way more watching than playing), but I'm here just in time to appreciate Shermie's glowup! Seemed like now was as good a time as any to draw her new design. \o/ Have fun with the KOF XV beta tonight, folks~

Teehee. B) I've been sitting on this upload (and thus, this title), for about a week or so now, but now it finally gets to see the light of day! I had a lot of fun with this one, got to learn/try a few new things, and we've been discussing some design tweaks with our characters, like differing body types and such. So this one also let us dabble in some of that a bit.

The frame elements were found on the CSP asset store, but unfortunately I don't remember who they're from!

So, while I took the reins on the initial design of this character, my fiance and I decided that she was in need of a few tweaks to really fit the vision he had for her, so we got to work fixing her up. Some things changed quite a bit, while others not so much. All in all we're both much happier with her now, which is a nice feeling 'cause I took to her pretty strongly with what he's written up on her so far. \o/ I'm excited for you guys to get to know her better in the future!

'Nother fairy for your viewing pleasure! Been sitting on this one for a while and I've been pretty excited to finally finish her. I knew her colors were gonna be cool, so I'm pretty pleased with how she turned out. \o/ Got a few more coming before Halloween, so keep your eyes peeled!

So my fiance's been trying to teach me fighting games since around the end of 2020, and picked up Guilty Gear Strive recently. I've been vaguely aware of a lot of the characters since the early 2000's or so, but I've never had a chance to see or play any of 'em myself. We had a sudden realization that I-no's hat and Giovanna's wolf could totally snarl at each other and thought that was a pretty fun idea, so he coached me on the composition and layout ideas, and I whipped up this lil' number. :B

Hey look I'm remembering to upload things again! Couple thigh-up commission for Blushe (left) and Ailuin (right)! I'm always a sucker for frilly, girly outfits, so that was fun. \o/

Still trying to play catchup with posting things! Have a cute lil' chibi commission I did for RatiK8 over on Twitch!

I've kinda been sitting on a backlog of stuff, so I'll be trying to rectify that in the next few days of uploads. \o/ A while back I did a lil' experimental run of $20 icons to practice some things, and they went pretty well! This isn't even all of them. @_@

So the idea for this was shamelessly stolen from generously provided by my fiance, and I was immediately like 'okay I gotta make that a thing', and lo and behold! It is now a thing that you can buy on things.

Surprise! Another commission finished. Trying to loosen up with coloring sketches, and playing with things like hue shifts. I like the attempt, but will definitely experiment further!

'Nother one to go along with the first version of this idea for the same commissioner! I've been experimenting and feeling out some different ways of coloring lately, so I tried some new shtuff with this one. \o/

More wings? More wings! Fullbody commission for a super sweet client who had a fun idea she wanted me to do. \o/ Got another one in the same vein coming up soon, too. I've been experimenting with the way I color lately, so I tried some new stuff with this one that....may or may not be apparent to the casual observer, but! Such is life.

Can't believe I finished this, uploaded it to Gumroad, and then totally forgot to even put it on social media. .-. Whoops! Wanted to make some cute goaty unicorns of my own, then next thing I knew I was making a base.

Buy here:

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