I somehow finished this although I am not satisfied. I still hard to understand painting process.

I drew these kind of things when I was young. I drew things that'll never happen in real life and I am very happy about that .

@irarugii I really want to try that kind of sketchy painting but my brain is telling me "Hey!! You didn't finish that!! Smooth the hell out of this!!" That'll be a hard battle

Here's Easy 3-steps to make a beautiful character... Have fun

Things are more difficult if I'm taking too seriously. I don't need to worry about drawing bad or good. Even If I went out of job then let it be. Also life's shit show, everyone has their own shit show. Worrying every little details of shit is tiresome. I hope I'm now free from my past. I'll meet new artists.I am going to relax. Now I am just a bald dude walking on air(P.S. Don't try this at home if you can't swim)

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"Apple Hunter" I'll keep trying to stay out of my comfort zone for personal piece. I'll force myself to paint even the result is bad.

Another reason I like painting is there are happy accidents. This result was unexpected but I will try to learn more about painting. I can't rely on luck and messing around with brush. Every stroke needs to have meaning.

@Ayior So it tooks around 30mins. Stylistic and also saving time. Looking forward to those 8-pages

@Ayior It looks fun. That style makes the process quicker ? I prefers loose and experimental when drawing. My recent comic was miscalculated. I thought tight line'd be ez to add color and I suffered from consistency boredom.

Cover of my local comic. The comic was really tiring work. I realized that while working on this project, Comic is not my thing. I like it but not for long-term as I am not fan of repetitive thing. So I'll only write story and may work on comic when I am in mood. The comic's in local language.

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