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It takes more than a week to get backing to drawing after long break. Finally...

confused about my choice and my life

Warming up with new drawing monitor. I think tablet is more ergonomic than monitor. My hand hurt after drawing maybe because my desk is small

Getting back from hiatus, after wasting time with games it is hard to get back on track. I will try my best. Now I can draw full time

I am going to full time drawing at the end of the month. These are just fun ones that i like

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Made some things for #Krita 4
Screentones and paintop presets
Hope that I didn't forgot something.
I can't upload 8+MB file so fb link. This lead idea for me to make a funny short film with my friends someday.

That's what I have been doing these days. As I am taking break from drawing till April because of things I have to get rid of.

Lineless Drawing always Hit or miss.

I really want to see nice UI of GIMP
Current looks so old

That is what i do when i am bored

New Icon. I hope Next year will be better as I am interested to learn about Graphic Design. Any Tips ?

Hyden Tutorial
Actually to render straight but I can't move camera as I want so here is a sword

Happy New Year
from My 3d snowman da taa..

i am just ranting things around this week. I can't find my direction and that makes me fretful. i am always sucks at making choice that ends up buying junks. And now I can't decide where will my artistic drive go. Concept Art or Comic ?? I don't even play game and I also don't read much comic because of time. I want to draw better and i want to meet better artist. so i can become better. i want to try tons of drawing techniques. NEED SUGGESTION. I don't want to draw blindly.

Anime Art is not highly regarded in Art Community but if the author had to finish around 15pages a week, anime art can save his day. I am trying to have diversity in faces while simplifying character. not works as i don't have enough practice

i will just do comic. concept is almost impossible in my environment. I am like band missing musical direction lol

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The second of the two images made in yesterday's Draw-with-Me Twitch stream, where the challenge was to only use 3 colors. This time, the added limitation was that no gradients could be used, only solids. And as always, a time limit of an hour or less.

As before, if you'd like a large verson of this, or a sneak peak at whatever else I'm working on, be sure to check out my Patreon over at

i just realized why Loomis is so well known after reading his books. I regret i didn't read his book early. at least i am reading now