Another reason I like painting is there are happy accidents. This result was unexpected but I will try to learn more about painting. I can't rely on luck and messing around with brush. Every stroke needs to have meaning.

Cover of my local comic. The comic was really tiring work. I realized that while working on this project, Comic is not my thing. I like it but not for long-term as I am not fan of repetitive thing. So I'll only write story and may work on comic when I am in mood. The comic's in local language.

Concepts from my local comic. The comic was done in one month for local comic production class

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Repost because I I forgot to tag the last post and wanted to take off the CW.

It's been over a week since I last picked up a paintbrush. Wanted the paint but didn't feel like planning a large piece so painted Yoko from Gurren Lagaan!

I don't know how to paint. So I watched Bob Ross. And I let myself did whatever I wanted.

the color on on-display is brighter than monitor.. idk

First, I changed to new name. The new name pronounces resembles to my real name. I like that. And last week, The comic was exhausting to do. I now realize why manga artist needs assistant. Comic is not my type I thinks. It was boring to keep repeating same character daily. And I sucks at story, for now. I'll try to improve my story telling and use it in concept idea. I may draw comic someday. Well, story is first priority in comic.

A picture i did last month. i m busy doing comic. btw, the comic will be released tomorrow.

It takes more than a week to get backing to drawing after long break. Finally...

confused about my choice and my life

Warming up with new drawing monitor. I think tablet is more ergonomic than monitor. My hand hurt after drawing maybe because my desk is small

Getting back from hiatus, after wasting time with games it is hard to get back on track. I will try my best. Now I can draw full time

I am going to full time drawing at the end of the month. These are just fun ones that i like

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Made some things for #Krita 4
Screentones and paintop presets
Hope that I didn't forgot something.
I can't upload 8+MB file so fb link. This lead idea for me to make a funny short film with my friends someday.

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