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I can't upload 8+MB file so fb link. This lead idea for me to make a funny short film with my friends someday.

That's what I have been doing these days. As I am taking break from drawing till April because of things I have to get rid of.

I really want to see nice UI of GIMP
Current looks so old

That is what i do when i am bored

New Icon. I hope Next year will be better as I am interested to learn about Graphic Design. Any Tips ?

Hyden Tutorial
Actually to render straight but I can't move camera as I want so here is a sword

Happy New Year
from My 3d snowman da taa..

i am just ranting things around this week. I can't find my direction and that makes me fretful. i am always sucks at making choice that ends up buying junks. And now I can't decide where will my artistic drive go. Concept Art or Comic ?? I don't even play game and I also don't read much comic because of time. I want to draw better and i want to meet better artist. so i can become better. i want to try tons of drawing techniques. NEED SUGGESTION. I don't want to draw blindly.

Anime Art is not highly regarded in Art Community but if the author had to finish around 15pages a week, anime art can save his day. I am trying to have diversity in faces while simplifying character. not works as i don't have enough practice

i will just do comic. concept is almost impossible in my environment. I am like band missing musical direction lol

The second of the two images made in yesterday's Draw-with-Me Twitch stream, where the challenge was to only use 3 colors. This time, the added limitation was that no gradients could be used, only solids. And as always, a time limit of an hour or less.

As before, if you'd like a large verson of this, or a sneak peak at whatever else I'm working on, be sure to check out my Patreon over at

i just realized why Loomis is so well known after reading his books. I regret i didn't read his book early. at least i am reading now

Flight, cover for new zine ^q^)9

From grayscale to colour. That gave me headache. Need to practice more. This is for Huion Winter Impression contest

the idea of grayscale then to colour is really a bad idea ...

I am losing to winter. I canÔÇÖt draw cuz my hands are cold and I have to walk round and dance to get warm
Even though I want to see snow someday...

My favorite anime drawing are Doraemon and Ghibli. They are simple and attractive.

I use B&W filter to see in value when i drew this. my drawings are mostly desaturated so time to force myself colorful