:S I'm so late on this HMMMM. I'd finished this on the 31st but didn't get a chance to post it, oh well.

Orcas! <3 Haaaaaa, I'd love to draw more orcas (and marine animals) at some point– flukes are love.

Can't let a good coat go to waste, better take it off. Thought of a bench and a massage place but those places didn't quite make sense.

Today? Some sergals. I don't know why I was thinking of skateboarding sergs but there they are. :p

Lions and a burger, lions and a burger!

Yesterday I learned that there's an actual place called "Fatburger", no subtlety there hahaha. :p At least there's no mistaking what kind of food you can order.

Lions are pretty (though maybe I sike lionesses better). :3

More 'roos! Bless. :3

I actually liked the lineart on its own enough to take a picture of it before I started to pant it.

Humans are hard to draw, it's one of the things I struggle with the most to the point I avoid them as much as possible. Gotta change that at some point but for now uuuuuuugh. *Pain*

Worth it, though.

Otters are loooooong, they also have a squished face that I still have to get used to drawing, but it's super cute.

Silly, silly derg sketches. I could've drawn one in a small house, pretty sure that wouldn't be the best fit ever. :P

More doggos, of course. I love how border collies have this happy but attentive look to them. :>

A little bit of fire, a little bit of burning, and you get some ash, right?

That sketchy fire was fun to draw. :3c

Dragon was an interesting one. I didn't want to draw them like I usually do so I searched for some inspiration on crocs. They are neat! There's much to learn from their maws, too, those are some huge chompers.

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