Day 15 - Legend

Legend has it that the moon waxes and wanes as a dragon rolls over it. Featuring Traediras!

Day 16 - Wild

Why would a wild kangaroo have a cone (and a jacket)? I really don't know. xD

(Should've made this a thread from the beginning, aaahhh).

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Day 17 - Ornament

Some people are already preparing for Christmas, Charlie is particularly excited! Francis had no option other than to help him.

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Day 18 - Misfit

Talking to dragons is a thing of the past, but this one has stuck with Edritch for practically his whole life. Misfit, but happy.

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Day 20 - Tread

A dragon trying to tread on hot coals- no, not every dragon is used to that kind of heat. :0

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Day 24 - Dizzy

Poor otter shouldn't have eaten that last Halloween candy, but it looked so good! Though it had come from that old, creepy house (the one that looks creepy all year long (woops)).

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Day 22 - Ghost

You have to keep an eye out on the O.W.O., it's a very haunted ship, as Matthias would know. You get used to them after a while.

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Day 23 - Ancient

Gale will continue to grow a mighty mustache forever and ever, to the point of being called ancient. I'd say it fits. :3

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Day 25 - Tasty

Gaox is making a huge, tasty burger, big enough to share with at least a dozen people! I hope he shares some.

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Day 26 - Dark

When someone tells you to go into Tal's forests without a light you have to say no. It's too dark and too dangerous! Just ask Skeele.

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Day 27 - Coat

Zadya here likes rain, which is lucky since ruining that new coat would've been a shame.

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Day ⨕ - Rrrrrrr—

Carbide had the crash site just a few hours ago yet a full grown tree had already grown. Had it really been only hours? Time no longer meant anything, October is forever.

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