Decided to make Day 1 again because I had a good idea and it gave me an excuse to draw Drago. :>

For day 3 I wanted a derg, but woa did it give me some trouble. Fitting that suit was a pain!

I wanted to have this sergal building a ship but the size was an issue. If I focused on the ship he'd be small, and if I focused on him part of the ship would be cut out. So I went for a smaller ship.

I also struggled a lot with this top view and I think it got the best of me in the end, it's not the perspective I wanted. *Sigh* Oh well.

Had some timing trouble yesterday so I wasn't able to finish this on time, but here it is: a husky (and a skunk)!

How am I sitting? A powerful tail certainly helps! I could have sowered the tree but only now do I see the problem. Oh well.

I flipped the final image using a light table by the way. :>


BUUURDS, burds are so cool. :> Had a grand time looking at dancing people as well. What wasn't good was messing up the eye, which made me start all over from scratch (I was really thankful for my light table at that point).

Drawing curves is a pain, specially if you aren't sure if the ink is dry, so you just dance around trying to not press your hand anywhere. >:,1

Anyhow, possums! Our friendly neighbors.

This was a good moment to sketch some doggos, and then one it the snow! The composition also allowed for an interesting angle for the final photo.

Now sketching foxes!

I wasn't sure what I wanted for "overgrown" since I needed something to contrast the character with. I decided to go for a middle point (the extremes being a simple armchair and the other a train).

Dragon was an interesting one. I didn't want to draw them like I usually do so I searched for some inspiration on crocs. They are neat! There's much to learn from their maws, too, those are some huge chompers.

A little bit of fire, a little bit of burning, and you get some ash, right?

That sketchy fire was fun to draw. :3c

More doggos, of course. I love how border collies have this happy but attentive look to them. :>

Silly, silly derg sketches. I could've drawn one in a small house, pretty sure that wouldn't be the best fit ever. :P

Otters are loooooong, they also have a squished face that I still have to get used to drawing, but it's super cute.

Humans are hard to draw, it's one of the things I struggle with the most to the point I avoid them as much as possible. Gotta change that at some point but for now uuuuuuugh. *Pain*

Worth it, though.

More 'roos! Bless. :3

I actually liked the lineart on its own enough to take a picture of it before I started to pant it.

Lions and a burger, lions and a burger!

Yesterday I learned that there's an actual place called "Fatburger", no subtlety there hahaha. :p At least there's no mistaking what kind of food you can order.

Lions are pretty (though maybe I sike lionesses better). :3

Today? Some sergals. I don't know why I was thinking of skateboarding sergs but there they are. :p

Can't let a good coat go to waste, better take it off. Thought of a bench and a massage place but those places didn't quite make sense.

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