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I'm a freelance artist and illustrator from Guatemala. I love animals and anthropomorphic art and that's what I work the most on. Studying nature is one of the joys of my life and hope to one day learn enough about nature so that I may translate that knowledge into fantastical worlds of my own.

You can find me on Instagram:

On Facebook, Tumblr, SoFurry, and Deviantart also as Guephren.

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LB, new users, @Ca_Gi is patiently writing everything (and more) to explain how mastodon (and other fedi software) works.
The technical aspects, the social ones, everything. ^^
It's a really long thread but it's exactly what I wanted when I was a new user years ago.

Re-linking it for convenience:

Day ⨕ - Rrrrrrr—

Carbide had the crash site just a few hours ago yet a full grown tree had already grown. Had it really been only hours? Time no longer meant anything, October is forever.


:S I'm so late on this HMMMM. I'd finished this on the 31st but didn't get a chance to post it, oh well.

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Bonus Photo of the Day 2019-10-23.
LX-JUL, Shorts SC7 Skyvan 3 variant 100, on static display at the Fairford International Air Tattoo, 22nd July 1995.
#avgeek #planespotting #potd #fairford #ffd #egva #airTattoo #airShow #shorts #sc7

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Hi! I'm a professional pixel artist, illustrator and animator looking for a paying project. Doesn't have to be games.

DM me or email me at
ReToots are truly appreciated. ty!

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Orcas! <3 Haaaaaa, I'd love to draw more orcas (and marine animals) at some point– flukes are love.

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Okay, today I announce the winner of the #microfiction letter giveaway!


and it's ... @guephren

with the prompt: 'Returning, they saw themselves across the road'

Please DM me your address and I'll write and post you your microfiction!

Day 27 - Coat

Zadya here likes rain, which is lucky since ruining that new coat would've been a shame.

Can't let a good coat go to waste, better take it off. Thought of a bench and a massage place but those places didn't quite make sense.

Day 26 - Dark

When someone tells you to go into Tal's forests without a light you have to say no. It's too dark and too dangerous! Just ask Skeele.

Today? Some sergals. I don't know why I was thinking of skateboarding sergs but there they are. :p

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