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CW: weird painting, suicide suggestion, BPD 

Thinking about walking myself to the sun never to return. As you might suspect by this painting I just finished titled "WALKING to the SUN (and NEVER coming back)"

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CW: patterns (crosshatching), cats in clothing 

Drawing up some country cats
Trying to draw things other than nude femmes so here we are

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CW: nudity (mostly just boob), death, bones 

Mixed media post!!!

Most of my mixed media stuff is from found items, upcycled and reclaimed materials, and literal trash

I'd love to hear what y'all think of these 💚✨😊

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CW: swearing, Nazi mention, fantasy violence 

Made these two summers ago!
I gave one to a beautiful friend, have one hanging in my kitchen, and have this last unclaimed one. (If you'd like to purchase it and are BIPOC you can have it for just the price of shipping ~$15, if you're white it's $30+shipping)

With all the things going on I thought it would be a relevant time to post this heavy ass upcycled baby.

Also, stay safe and try to be mindful💚

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And with the snow comes all the abled people digging the snow from around their cars & piling it up on the pavements, blocking the way for the #disabled users & all other pedestrians, included people with young children.

Don't be that abled person.

#Ableism #Accessibility

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Help a Latinx family with groceries! 🎉

I'm helping another neighborhood family and their dog with groceries. Their need is $134 👪💖
Venmo: @ hamsterpower91
Cash App: $hamsterpower

I'll update the thread til our goal is met!
#boost #donate #mutualaid #crowdfund

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Black Trans Woman battling persistent homelessness for 4 years living in trans misogynistic, fat phobic, ableist shelter at the hands of state sanctioned violence

Venmo: @ tfsenna
Cash: $tfsenna

#donate #boost #crowdfund

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Canada Genocide 

Happy Thanksgiving - Canada and the US are committing ongoing genocide against indigenous people for fossil fuel companies.

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I'm Oglala Lakota and would like to share this fundraiser for a community organization that is holding ceremonies:

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This week I'm declaring American (as in the super continent) Reparations Week for Black & Indigenous Folks

so y'all settler colonizers (including those still in europe, you don't get a free pass), find those gofundme's, check out settler saturday hashtag on twitter, boost mutual aid requests or whatever, give back because if it weren't for us, y'all would have starved back in europe

Black & Indigenous folks from the Americas, maybe reply to this with your cashapps and whatever relevant links?

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«Academic Citations Evolve to Include Indigenous Oral Teachings

A librarian has developed citation templates for oral teachings shared by members of Indigenous communities.»

5-page paper describing the format [PDF]:

The attached image the screenshot of the example citations of this type, in APA and MLA formats.

CW: food, apple pie 

This pie crust was garbage because I only had trash flour to work with, but she a tasty pie

I used my new Nordicware mini pie pan for the first time, and I made it with my Nana so it's full of all sorts of magic

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Don't let anyone stop you from being a happy queer monster

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do people have the capacity to be good? yes

are people inherently evil? no

its almost like the conditions we live in force people to do unethical things

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I read something years ago about how we don't have a lot of kids' toys in the historical record because they're usually made out of things that aren't going to last for thousands of years, like fabric or wood or straw, and I think about that a lot

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Me: fuck the french

The french: seize a McDonald's and turn it into a food kitchen

Me: fuck the french, but you get one less punch

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From @Xulxiyut on twitter:

Lithium Nevada is bulldozing Indigenous homes in Winnemucca. Yesterday they bulldozed an elders home to build a man camp.

Local Indigenous water and land protectors arrived yesterday!

Please send gas/supply funds if you can help:

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if you don't think slime molds are cute you're no friend of mine

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thinking about ACAB and what it replaces with an example (1/?) 

So, like, we were talking with a friend about the phrase "all cops are bastards" yesterday, and it got us thinking about some things.

So, like, what polite society tried to sell us was "the cops are your friends". That's what ACAB opposes. And - CW for ableist saneist garbage from the teachers - the anecdote from This American Life 538 on the subway - search for "May 7" in - shows off the difference, I think.

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interesting how republican presidents are all powerful evil dictators and democratic presidents are helpless little babies doing their best

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