I'm at the end of my NYE posting marathon! Here is Milda, the Lithuanian goddess of love (who might be a 19th century invention).

Skulls (painting of) 

Also called Weland and Volund, this figure turns up across the Germanic cultures. Wayland is a master smith, credited with making many of the magic weapons of myth. He escaped imprisonment on a pair of magic wings, and made goblets from the skulls of his captor’s sons. mastodon.art/media/Wd9x7KaCAoN

Not quite a god, Mundilfari is a powerful (and possibly metaphorical) figure in Norse myth. His name means “the one who moves according to particular times.” He is the father of Sunna/Sol and Mani, the sun goddess and moon god. He may also be responsible for the cyclical nature of time.

Snakes (drawn/painted) 

Sirona, Salus, Hygeia: a trio of healing goddesses

This summer I painted two commissions of Greek and Roman goddesses of healing. They join the painting of Sirona, a related Gallic deity, which I finished in December 2016.

mastodon.art/media/wyw2-xZYhok mastodon.art/media/D1SkYcNJy31 mastodon.art/media/NKO0TnnCiob

A historical commission for a change: Alexander the Great. There’s a certain amount of artistic license taken here. My client preferred the blond-and-blue-eyed version of the medieval romances, and this is nowhere in particular, despite the ziggurat. mastodon.art/media/tIcFtHFTcsi

Morpheus: The ancient Greek personification of dreams. He is the son of Hypnos and the leader of the oneiroi, or spirits of dreams. mastodon.art/media/ispkT_6CLHw

Looks like I have an art backlog going to . . . June or so. I don't wanna start out 2018 feeling more behind than I've gotta, so today is posting day! Pretty pictures soon.

Midwinter moods:

1. There is no joy; might as well work till I fall over.
2. Screw around all day.

Here’s a late-night post for the second week of . No story behind this one, just a step outside my comfort zone with all the orange and pink!


Mastodon, your image previews remain ever-awkward.

So, Inktober was great while it lasted, but it mixes pretty poorly with my compulsion to over-detail. This is why I'm doing a modified version of the Huevember challenge this month. Instead of dailies, I'm painting one piece for each week, with all 7 hues.

This is Dagr, the servant of the Norse goddess Sunna, who was given a shining horse and tasked with pulling the chariot of the sun around the earth every 24 hours. (Sunna also drives a solar chariot, because Norse mythology isn't very consistent, and the ancient world only had so many metaphors.)

Apart from his status as Sunna's attendant, we don't know a lot about Dagr. The Poetic Edda mentions him as the son of the god Delling and either Nott (night) or Jord. His horse's name is Skinfaxi.

Dagr was painted in Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint, and the background patterns are modified from some extant tablet weaving patterns.

This piece was commissioned for publication, but you can still get prints through my Etsy shop here: (etsy.com/listing/569958127/dag)


So, that was a long drought. October turned out to be Experience Your Chronic Illness Month in my household, and social media posting fell by the wayside. I will work to renew the flow of art!

Here's another recent : Achilles in his tent, after the death of Patroclus. This one's Manga Studio 5, 7.5x12 to be printed at 2.5x4.

If you care to check out prints, they are here: tinyurl.com/y78gzeyv or there's a longer post about this piece here: tmblr.co/ZQ5_zw2OlldjX mastodon.art/media/yuZFZWItsc-

Snakehead mermaid, clean drawing phase!

I'm using this piece to make myself learn a bit better, as MS5 does not like to run under WINE properly and I find all the open source art programs pretty difficult. (Probably in part because I'm very blend-tool-dependent and picky about my inking presets - I blame having a traditional background.)



Do you like it best when artists who have accounts on multiple social media networks:

1. Post the same art on every account so you only have to follow in one place?


2. Post different content to each account according to the service?

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