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Overall, I think the plushie is coming together better than I expected. Maybe except the awful color choice, but I really didn't know how it would turn out, because I have never used these colors together before.

It's going to be a spaniel. It has a pair of fluffy ears that I still have to sew on.

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It's 2:47 and I'm attempting another plushie. Nothing serious, just testing out a (hopefully better) variant of my still very wonky pattern.

I'm hesitating between making it a plain blonde dog, a labrador, a plain blonde dog with a mask and a cocker spaniel (I have some faux fur in the garage 😏).

I don't feel at all motivated to post my art here anymore, since barely anyone pays attention to me. I keep on drawing, but posting itself is pretty tedious, so if there's no payoff, I don't see the point in doing it. Call me vain, but yelling into the void isn't fun.

2019 drawing of my character Leia (former sona during years 2012-2018). Uploading it now because I finally managed to take a good photo of it. And also my new art is so much worse.

Anthro corgi OTA. Offer art or money. I realize this design is not the best thing ever, and rather just an effect of my messing with the symmetry tool in MyPaint, so I won't be very picky.

Please boost (I mean, if you are a furry account or that sort of thing is simply normal to your followers), the reach here is m-i-c-r-o-s-c-o-p-i-c.

Bought a really cool design a little more than two weeks ago from silverzzzzz on ToyHouse and drew her a ref sheet.

Named after the flash game Snow Drift (very nostalgic), because her color palette reminds me of the game's backgrounds.

The front view has anatomical errors, but this ref will suffice for now.


A complete change of aesthetic. I wanted to a) design Junior an outfit for those times when he feels like he's puppy, b) portray the way I look when I'm happy and stimmy.

Sad and brain dead 

I miss Zepeto. It helped me feel good about myself.

I wish I could program...


I don't know if it's worth it to post these, but in case anybody's still interested in my endeavors, it turns out I can draw with a mouse fairly ok.

EDIT: Fixed the animation. Thanks for the help again, @eishiya .

For some reason the animation speed is very broken? Does anyone else have it that way?

I think the abbreviation "gshep" for german shepherd is cool, but when you search it, some weird church pops up.

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S Note doodle. I don't know if bicolor german shepherds can even have liver coats, but biologically speaking I think it's possible?

Artsy-fartsy tourist photo. No inspirational quote, unfortunately.

(Seriously though, I'm really proud of this image.)

By the way, thank you for 80 followers! Now it's 82, but you know...

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