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I had a Facebook account for a long time and then successfully deleted it in high school, but in my specific case, I actually didn't care about the people that only remembered about my existence on my birthday when fb notified them about it. Also I wanted to cut off from my past school friends. And I manage to maintain family relations anyway.

Not trying to persuade. Just telling you my experience.

So I modified the pattern again and made a chocolate lab!

This is probably the first plush ever that close to satisfies me, in size and poseability. I know it's pretty plain visually, but in technical aspects, if I can call them that, I think it's much better than the previous ones.

A plushie I made the other day, or rather the other night, since I pulled an all-nighter just to finish it. It turned out... fine, though still doesn't match the idea I had in my head.

It's my first time using larger sections of faux fur, sewing in the ears and tail properly, thread-sculpting toes and embroidering a mouth.

I gave him to my cousin's daughter as a gift.

I'm turning 20 today. I'm a 20 year old machine now.

I finished a sketch of Leon while listening to a video. I'm really happy about the finished result.

Reminds me a lot of rhythmpaws (bibliogram.hamster.dance/u/rhy), though of course it's not on that level. This wasn't intentional, but if it's an opportunity to share one of my favorite artists, I absolutely will seize it.


I stubbornly use LibreOffice for my assignments despite the fact that we have free access to Office 360. I mainly use Writer and Impress, not in a super advanced way. It's one of the couple of pieces of free software I can use on the mandatory Windows system I have to have for university purposes. And LibreOffice just feels more cozy, so to speak? I only use Office for collaborations, when I know other people are going to default to it.


The photo looks like a movie still. As if the cat is about to throw an emotional monologue.


I'm open. You can look at my media tab for examples.

Oh, one more thing. In terms of food, he's on a mix of wet and semi-dry kibble (Dolina Noteci and Eden). We don't have the resources to cook him food or compose a raw diet. I add groats to the wet kibble for better digestion. He eats big meals twice a day and gets a little dry kibble in between. He seems to be doing well. He came to us fit, so if he starts putting on weight, we'll think about changing his diet.

We absolutely don't let him eat human food, and begging is heavily discouraged.

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Overall, it's a lot. A lot of changes in life to adjust to. It's still better that lockdown is still going on, because it's easier to systematically housetrain him.

It's also a dream come true. As you already know, I'm obsessed with dogs and I've dreamed of having one since I was really small. I'm kind of happy, though, that I got him at a later age, because despite loving dogs, I didn't really understand their needs or feelings, or how to actually train them.

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Ticks are annoying too. He's on pills, so they die after they bite into him, but we're super afraid of him carrying ones that didn't bite into him yet into the house. Fyi: the collar that's supposed to scare them away doesn't work. My dad bought drops that should be applied every few weeks. That might work better.

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