Someone I know wants to try out Mastodon, but he doesn't know English. Is there:

A) A way to look for users speaking a particular language?

B) A Polish instance that's well moderated (no bigotry allowed on there)?

Please boost, even if you don't know 😓

Okay, I have received a lot of help, so *big* thank you.

I'm still going to keep this thread open, in case another creative solution pops up, which, several already did.

I'm going to systematize the info I have received, for myself and for others following this thread.


Polish instances (as of now):

▫ (strongly biased against coz of its TOS)
▫ (pleroma, seems pretty nice, my most likely choice)
▫ (unavailable, not sure when it comes back)
▫ (strictly regional, idk if they want people from outside the region)

@lightone @glitchyhare though there’s only one active user on this instance (me), i’m not sure they would like to join a right-libertarian instance :kaczor:


I have no immediate experience with it, I know of a couple of cool people there. The only thing that bothers me is the TOS. It says that it is a free speech instance and I prefer instances with more explicit rules (both when deciding for myself and in recommending to other people). Not saying it's a bad instance, just that I like moderation.


I don't come here to get news. I have rss feeds for that. I follow artists and programmers, sometimes political people with clever takes, and all I care about is not suddenly stumbling upon something that could ruin my day.

In real life, I debate almost constantly, sometimes because it's fun, sometimes out of necessity. This is supposed to be a place where I don't have to do that.


I mean debating and news serve as exposure to different opinions and some balance to the info bubble.

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