Someone I know wants to try out Mastodon, but he doesn't know English. Is there:

A) A way to look for users speaking a particular language?

B) A Polish instance that's well moderated (no bigotry allowed on there)?

Please boost, even if you don't know 😓

Okay, I have received a lot of help, so *big* thank you.

I'm still going to keep this thread open, in case another creative solution pops up, which, several already did.

I'm going to systematize the info I have received, for myself and for others following this thread.

Polish instances (as of now):

▫ (strongly biased against coz of its TOS)
▫ (pleroma, seems pretty nice, my most likely choice)
▫ (unavailable, not sure when it comes back)
▫ (strictly regional, idk if they want people from outside the region)

@glitchyhare You can filter by language in your /settings/preferences page, but that's only useful to find an initial few people, given how inconsistent the non-English language tagging is.

Per there are two polish instances known.

I can't verify on the moderation as I'm not polish myself.


First one's a free speech instance, second one's temporarily unavailable (I'll check back later.)

@glitchyhare @Satsuma @supercritical is unavailable for a long time now, and I don't think it will come back… isn't strictly a free-speech instance, and @xaphanpl is a friendly admin.

@glitchyhare >You can enable a language filter in the settings, but it does rely on people setting their language in app @MxCraven Poles on fedi are really spread around, English-speaking and and I think most of them didn't bother to change that setting. manages an account that follows most of Polish-speaking creatures on fedi: I think it's great place to start.
Btw. If Pleroma isn't a problem is also a nice little place.

@glitchyhare @GrassrootsReview Can confirm that there are some nice creatures on

>IMO Polish LGBTQ organizations should really get a properly moderated bigotry-free server going
@hamefang Yeah, that would be awesome… I've seen you engage in that thread - so you may be interested in the replies. Btw. You're now bad at dev, not names?


I checked it before and it is an option, but it's a free speech instance and I would prefer to give the person a better impression of the Mastodon community 😉

@glitchyhare You can enable a language filter in the settings, but it does rely on people setting their language in app (which if they only speak one they likely will)


Ya that's probably what I'm going to propose instead of him joining a specifically Polish instance.

@glitchyhare When I last used it, had the ability to filter by language. That's how I get to know instances listing Esperanto among their spoken languages! 😀

@glitchyhare This seems to be the largest Polish server.

There are a few more hosted in Poland mentioned on

You can sort the list by country and then search for .pl or 0x3c.

Another good way to find regional servers is

But this site has quite strict rules on the quality of the servers and none of the servers in Poland seem to have applied to be listed.

@glitchyhare you can search and filter instances by language and other characteristics on

@glitchyhare I'm Polish myself and I have yet to find a Polish instance that would be decent. I'm gonna be following this thread to see if maybe indeed there is one out there. I'm not holding out much hope though.

@glitchyhare (IMO Polish LGBTQ organizations should really get a properly moderated bigotry-free server going)


Yes, they definitely should invest some time in that! Most left-leaning orgs in Poland are so dependent on Facebook...

@glitchyhare I know is a polish instance, no idea about the rules but I follow a few people from there

@glitchyhare there is this list on "Trunk" - i can't speak for Trunk at all, i just know it existed and has some kind of curated list/ proto early-Yahoo-for-Mastodon thing going on

@glitchyhare you can ask him/her to check on the website: It lets you set a bunch of criteria (languages, prohibited content, min max number of users) and searches for instances fit in the criteria.

Well, somebody's gotta make a start.

Ideally, people would use #hashtags more so it'd be easier to find toots and people with similar interests. Encourage your friend to use hashtags. Pretty sure he's not the only #Polish-speaking person around. If the others don't use hashtags and he can't find them, there's still a chance that they'll find him.

Also, there's #GoogleTranslate and #BingTranslator. He can sorta communicate in English. 😉

#Polish #Polskie #languages


I agree that people should use hashtags more. I definitely do. It would make searching for specific topics and languages sooo much easier. Also an option to follow hashtags would be nice... (I mean, I came here from Instagram, where basically every topic ever has a hashtag assigned to it...)

Google translate is a possibility.

@glitchyhare You can follow hashtags if you're using a web #browser. Don't know about Mastodon #apps though.

@evelynyap @glitchyhare Tusky allows you to follow 3 hashtags. Other clients are better in this regard AFAIK.

Woh... How do I follow hashtags on Tusky? Is that under Filter? I thought that filter is meant to exclude* something. Can't find anything on #Tusky for #hashtags. 😶

I've tried other Mastodon #apps. Didn't like them, even with their extra features. Tusky is the cleanest and easiest to use for me.

@glitchyhare did you try to search There is a filter for languages.


Yes, I have. Nothing new, unfortunately. I'm mostly keeping this thread alive because I am aware that some instances may be still very unpopular and because some people here have had very good ideas for solutions.

@glitchyhare Hi! You can find polish language instances on

Select a category like General and then select the language (Polski). I'm not sure the quality of any instance though, sorry 😕


I went there and could not find Polish instances. Only a couple of languages. Am I missing something?

@glitchyhare This the one I found in the "General" category. I haven't checked the others. Do you see something different?


I know this one. It is an option, but as I said in some replies to others, I am strongly biased against "free speech" instances and 101010 is one.

@glitchyhare Ah gotcha. I didn't see your other replies, apologies. If that's the only option then I'm not sure, sorry 😞

@lightone @glitchyhare though there’s only one active user on this instance (me), i’m not sure they would like to join a right-libertarian instance :kaczor:


I have no immediate experience with it, I know of a couple of cool people there. The only thing that bothers me is the TOS. It says that it is a free speech instance and I prefer instances with more explicit rules (both when deciding for myself and in recommending to other people). Not saying it's a bad instance, just that I like moderation.


I don't come here to get news. I have rss feeds for that. I follow artists and programmers, sometimes political people with clever takes, and all I care about is not suddenly stumbling upon something that could ruin my day.

In real life, I debate almost constantly, sometimes because it's fun, sometimes out of necessity. This is supposed to be a place where I don't have to do that.


I mean debating and news serve as exposure to different opinions and some balance to the info bubble.

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