Been thinking of developing this character a bit, could be a cool dude to try out with a test d&d type comic.

Also, thinking of joining Instagram pretty soon to get more of a reach for my art and then hopefully drag more people here. I don't know though.



I had Instagram before, an okay follower base and even some friends I regularly contacted. They have really good artists and some nice communities.

Here's the but:

▫I constantly had to deal with my numbers being inflated and deflated by business accounts coming and going.

▫I got tons of trash dumped into my timeline and recommended.

▫IG does actual damage to your attention span, especially if you have issues with it already.

@glitchyhare I imagine. But I think Instagram is essential for clientwork and career oppertunities onward. Which is my main motivation.

But if I can bring exposure to the fediverse at the same time, then thst would be neat.

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