*A thread about protests planned in Łódź, Poland regarding the newest restrictive anti-abortion legislation*

Doing some information scraping for the free world, since events are listed on Facebook.

I was notified that there will be protests tomorrow:

▫The main one happening outside the Łódź PIS Party headquarters on 143 Piotrkowska street at 12 am.

▫Another one will be a march along Piotrkowska street at 4 pm, organized by the Medical University of Łódź.

If you are currently in Poland and not at a high risk of catching Covid-19, I encourage you to join in.

Protest schedule for the next couple of days, for the Łódzkie voivodership. The hours are mostly known, precise locations not so much, but they are going to be updated. I cannot check the FB groups.

ZGIERZ - 06-11, 18:00

PABIANICE - 06-11, 17:00

PiS headquarters on Piłusudzkiego street in Konstantynów Łódzki,

KUTNO - (no known events yet)

ALEKSANDRÓW ŁÓDZKI - (no known events yet)

OZORKÓW - (no known events yet)

ŁOWICZ - (no known events yet)

We have still not won. This "compromise" is a fair enough achievement, but far from satisfactory.

The site may randomly block TOR users. I have to contact them about it someday. This is a very good newspaper and it's a pity that it is not completely respectful to those who want privacy.

I haven't been in contact with my "source" for a while (gee, this sounds like I was doing something illegal), but I'm back today with some news:

There will be a protest in Łódź tomorrow, 15:00 at the Old Market (Stary Rynek).

I'm kind of surprised that these are still needed and the government is still ignoring us...

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