Czas się przedstawić: nazywam się Paulina Matysiak. Jestem posłanką IX kadencji Sejmu, członkinią Zarządu Krajowego Lewicy Razem. Jestem wiceprzewodniczącą Komisji Polityki Senioralnej, pracuję w Komisji Łączności z Polakami za Granicą, przewodniczę Zespołowi ds. Walki z Wykluczeniem Transportowym. Pochodzę z Kutna, wcześniej pracowałam w Bibliotece Uniwersyteckiej w Toruniu, a potem w urzędzie. Uwielbiam czytać książki, pisać piórem (lewą ręką!) i kolekcjonować atramenty.


Doodles I did yesterday.

I'm learning for a neurobiology exam (ineffectively), eating tangerines and drinking some fancy Christmas tea, one of those packages that have piled up during the holiday season.

ABBA's Mamma Mia is about those times when my dad finds out that a new version of Ubuntu has come out.

Not really into Undertale myself, but my brother has been fixating over it for a while. He asked me to do a Discord avatar for him.

As a side note I want to say that my brother has managed to free Undertale from the shackles of me associating it with my toxic former friend.

A drawing from early 2020 that shows Rafael looking over the shoulder of an older version of Keaton while he's working.

Of course, every element that could have been important is conveniently covered, which is extremely bad, but I'm posting this because I kind of like their general expressions and particularly Rafael's face.

Thank you for 70 followers!!!

Here's another avatar for another character, an irish setter called Sheila (she also has a shark tail, but obviously couldn't show it here.)

It's 2 am, I'm kinda drunk, I want to wish to you all a new year that's just plain happier than the previous one. Doesn't take much to pass that barrier. I'm very creative.

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