I finished a sketch of Leon while listening to a video. I'm really happy about the finished result.

Reminds me a lot of rhythmpaws (bibliogram.hamster.dance/u/rhy), though of course it's not on that level. This wasn't intentional, but if it's an opportunity to share one of my favorite artists, I absolutely will seize it.

Oh, one more thing. In terms of food, he's on a mix of wet and semi-dry kibble (Dolina Noteci and Eden). We don't have the resources to cook him food or compose a raw diet. I add groats to the wet kibble for better digestion. He eats big meals twice a day and gets a little dry kibble in between. He seems to be doing well. He came to us fit, so if he starts putting on weight, we'll think about changing his diet.

We absolutely don't let him eat human food, and begging is heavily discouraged.

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Overall, it's a lot. A lot of changes in life to adjust to. It's still better that lockdown is still going on, because it's easier to systematically housetrain him.

It's also a dream come true. As you already know, I'm obsessed with dogs and I've dreamed of having one since I was really small. I'm kind of happy, though, that I got him at a later age, because despite loving dogs, I didn't really understand their needs or feelings, or how to actually train them.

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Ticks are annoying too. He's on pills, so they die after they bite into him, but we're super afraid of him carrying ones that didn't bite into him yet into the house. Fyi: the collar that's supposed to scare them away doesn't work. My dad bought drops that should be applied every few weeks. That might work better.

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A big problem, and one that isn't temporary, is the hair. As seen on the picture in the first post, he has a long, two-layered coat. Of course, now it's at its worst, because it's the summer, but getting hair on everything is inevitable. Which is a bummer, since up until this point, we were a family of obsessively clean people. I'm trying to get all that loose undercoat out asap by brushing him after every walk (also to remove potential ticks, dead or alive).

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Niko loves him. And Leon doesn't really care. The staff at the shelter couldn't tell us how okay he was with small animals, so I'm glad he didn't turn out to have much of a prey drive. I judged it on our first walks, where he didn't show interest in cats or squirrels, before actually letting the parrot out while he's in the room. When Niko saw him, he immediately started whistling at him and even wanted to preen him. Leon was pretty confused. He sometimes tries to sniff Niko, but Niko runs away.

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He's an extremely sweet, smart and even-tempered dog. He loves cuddles and pets, and follows me wherever I go. When I'm busy, he just lies down and naps. He learned his new name super fast, and responds fairly well to "come here". He walks on the leash _perfectly_. Doesn't pull at all (unlike most dogs I met at that shelter when I volunteered there in high school). He's not insecure in the slightest. Doesn't confront dogs unless they explicitly provoke him. Greets them (and people) very gently.

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I didn't post about this earlier, because I was tired. I'm still adjusting to the routine of walking him, and it's even harder now, because he's a crazy pee machine and apparently has never lived in a house before, judging from the fact that he's approx. 2 years old and not potty-trained. According to the people at the shelter, he roamed around for a while, probably had fled a home where someone beat him (he's skittish around older men and easily sppoked by sudden noises).

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I adopted a dog from the shelter a week ago. Say hi to Leon.

(More details in the responses to this post.)

I don't know if it's a good moment, but...

I'm a trans man.

I realized it more than a month ago, but I wanted to give myself time to thoroughly think about it, test it and see how I feel.

Please call me Emil, thanks in advance.

Fun fact: Having Junior as a sona was actually a way for me to explore gender, contrary to what I thought.

Baked for the last time. I will have to use Milliput for teeth, which I don't have currently, so you'll have to wait a bit until I move to painting him.

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