For those of you still following us, we would like to express our solidarity with .

In 2019 they disrupted the Matrix channel, then they targeted individual contributors, some of whom are still hiding and/or have threads on them today.

Outside of our own project, Kiwi Farms has driven their political enemies from their homes, off the Internet, and in some cases to suicide. We will all be safer when that website is finally gone.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank the Kiwi Farms users that have chosen to out themselves with publicly visible replies in response to our post on the federated timeline.

That is very big of them, and will help moderators from across the nicer part of the fediverse make this a warmer and friendlier place for everyone. 😘

Thank you to everyone that sent kind messages to our contributors.

Our project's been dead for 18 months and probably isn't coming back, so it's doubtful that we are still even on the alt-right's radar. They also made their point quite comprehensively in 2019/20.

The aim of our post was to finally let you know about something we were too frightened to talk about at the time, and warn anyone tempted to rekindle our fork that it wasn't just COVID-19 that wore down our contributors. Stay safe!

@glimpse The campaign said 2 days later that Kiwi farms is not down but will have no constant home server, leaving them impotent. I hope that's true.

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