For those who asked if @glimpse could be a plug-in, we have looked into it! Sadly, it's not feasible.

Modified translation files have to be updated & rebuilt for each new 2.10.x release. Humans also have to decide when "gimp" should be "Glimpse" or "GNU I.M.P".

In addition, we would have to maintain separate plug-ins for Linux, macOS & Windows, because the GNU I.M.P is packaged & distributed differently on each platform.

We would still like to thank you all for the suggestions though

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@glimpse I respect your analysis and trust that you know what you are talking about, but it is not well explained in this post.

Is maintaining three plugins and translation files more effort than maintaining a whole piece of software including translation files?

I'm guessing from reading between the lines that the core crux is that translation is not enough and source patching is needed to solve e.g. the Glimpse vs GNU IMP translation differentiation issue?

@clacke your guess is correct.

We went into more detail here:

tl;Dr: having to build po files that are tied specifically to each 2.10.x release without any ability to permanently override them is a significant technical hurdle.

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