We have released a new blog post about project going on hiatus:

We would like to thank everyone that supported us over the last couple of years.

@glimpse Sad to see this project coming to an end, but it was nice jurney. Thanks for your efford to make a difference ✊

@glimpse Oh, that’s a little sad, thanks for your work!

Could maybe the non-NX part of the project be transformed into an automatic installer/script that would download the latest version of the GNU Image Manipulation Program and patch it immediately with the Glimpse name, icon, and maybe UI changes? So it would allow people to still download and install Glimpse if they wish, but with not much to maintain on your side, as it would be all the original editor behind the scenes.

@nclm @glimpse this is an idea I have been thinking about, but as I mentioned in the blog post I don't want to give anyone false hope. 🙂

The main headaches I can foresee with it is keeping up with the GNU I.M.P release schedule, and also having to support every single installation method.

On Windows & macOS it is more straightforward to make this kind of script as there is just one installer for each, but on Linux there's at least half a dozen ways the GNU I.M.P could have been installed.

@TrechNex for Linux, it can be a single AppImage file and leave everything else to the community like much other apps do in this category.

@glimpse Very unfortunate news. This has been an important project. Hope it can be revived at some point.

There has been a couple of other change-the-name forks in the past, Cinepaint comes to mind, but the original gorilla is just that strong. It makes me pessimistic about very ambitous UI-changing forks. To me, the hope when it comes to apps like this (and Apache) would be a sitch similar to when Debian had Iceweasel and Icecat and Icedove. A very light only-debrand fork running alongside upstream. Uh, not to put that on you and on your shoulders, of course, @glimpse.

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