Did you know we have an FAQ answer for why we use GitHub? You can read it here:

In recognition of the fact some have moral objections to using GitHub, we are thinking of possibly mirroring (but not migrating) our project on Codeberg. What do you think?

We would like to thank everyone for their responses and feedback!

Our conclusions:
* Github is deeply unpopular
* We need to better communicate that we did try the self-hosting route
* Support for the Codeberg idea drops when we clarify we can't support issues/pull requests too

In the short term we hope that enabling people to submit bug fixes and feature requests by email instead of requiring a Github account will be helpful to our community and viewed as a step in the right direction. 🙂

@glimpse It’s always good to have an extra backup, but if people can’t make pull-requests and open issues on Codeberg (I gathered from the Matrix channel that these would be turned off?) it doesn’t really make a difference.


It is not an option on your poll but I would recommend moving entirely to either Codeberg or Sourcehut.

@glimpse move to #codeberg and mirror to #github from there in 'best of both worlds' scenario (GH network effects and CB ethical foss hosting). If possible.

@glimpse no strong feelings here on your question, but I think we need to create a better git portal than github for reasons most will understand.

IMO it must be easier to adopt, easier to use, truly decentralised, hardened against surveillance and censorship, and not stealing the value we #FOSS folks all create together.

So let's support efforts to achieve that. Personally I'm working on a #p2p #gitportal here (hint 😉):

It's very early stage, literally a couple of weeks old!

@happybeing indeed, we would love to see a Gitlab instance that is owned and run by grassroots free software projects. 🙂

@glimpse that won't deal with censorship or DDoS for example, so I think we need p2p (no servers).

@glimpse makes me sad that you have admit you rely on Microsoft. I feel sorry for you.

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