We have a question for our userbase! Since we provided a Wiki page on installing the PhotoGIMP plugin, several people have suggested should use those keyboard shortcuts by default.

Which would you prefer to use? (We're running polls on Twitter & Mastodon)

@glimpse I've also raised a Github Issue so people can find out a little more about our thinking and background info.

@glimpse I personally feel like shortcuts are superficial; people who want Glimpse to be Photoshop are always going to be disappointed in some way. And valuing new users over existing ones is also problematic.

Now, if you’re redesigning the UI *anyway,* then switching to something more Adobe-like might be fine. But even Adobe is extremely inconsistent between their own apps—having to learn a few shortcuts for Glimpse isn’t the worst thing.

@cassidyjames @glimpse tbh it's kind of an interesting time for us, as by the time 0.2.0 is out, we will have the basics finished.

That means a lot more attention is going to be focused on tweaking the front-end UI, and things like changing the key bindings introduce points of differentiation between us and upstream.

It's a tricky balance to strike, as for old hands like me & others that just want "exactly the same but with a different name" we have to be sensitive to their needs too.

@glimpse For my many years of using GIMP the dotfile that makes the keybinds Photoshop-like was always the first thing I'd install. I still think lots of new users would find the PS binds better mnemonics. More generally I think open source software often mistakenly believes that average users don't mind lots of chording (ctrl-shift-blah, etc; shift-blah for a very commonly used tool).

@glimpse I'd like to stick to the current keybinds. I don't know them all as well as I'd like tbh, but it's been so long since I've used PS, I'd have to relearn them all if they were to change. Ideally, users would be given the choice on first run.

@glimpse How about making 2 profiles and allowing the user to choose?

@glimpse to be honest, as long as the option to change shortcuts while hovering a menu item is still around (or some other way of changing them), anything goes for me. Basically because there are some menu options and filters that don't even have a default keybinding, and as a power user who has been more or less regularly using photo editing and vector drawing software since CorelDRAW! 2.11 pretty much I know what I need or want to have available at my fingertips.

@glimpse i like GIMP and Glimpse but since they have similar backgrounds this is a great chance to try something different and at the same time reach more users that come from the non-free world.

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