For those who installed 0.1.2 through the Ubuntu Software Center as a Snap, please accept our apologies for the delayed 0.2.0 update.

If you would like to upgrade today, try installing via Flathub:

If you’re a Pinebook Pro user, we confirmed this evening that the Flathub version of 0.2.0 works out-of-the-box on that machine. 🥳

The buildbot server we use as part of the Flathub publish process creates ARM64 and AARCH64 builds automatically to future-proof our project.

Hold onto your hats! We now have an automatic continuously-released Linux AppImage (without Python 2) that follows the tip of the development branch.

Our testing is still ongoing, and we expect to produce stable builds in next week or so.

We would like to thank @gbryant for their review of as a project. Positive feedback is rare, so we definitely appreciate it! 🙂

We would like to thank Bryan Paget for becoming a "Elite Supporter" on our Github Sponsors page. 🎉

(This is linked directly to our Open Collective campaign as part of our commitment to being transparent & accountable)

Did you know you can install through chocolatey, winget, AUR, Guru and the Open Build Service?

Those are just some of the community-supported sources you can find on our Downloads page.

We have now provided a new FAQ answer that links to instructions for how to migrate settings from your previous 0.1.2 installation to 0.2.0 🙂

If you would like to help us test the latest Linux AppImage, you can find the link here:

In coming weeks our Github build jobs will be updated to generate them automatically, and then we will produce a Linux AppImage for 0.2.0

If you would like to pitch in and help us:
* Port 0.2.0 to more platforms
* Plan & develop Glimpse Image Editor 0.2.2
* Design, plan & develop Glimpse NX

Then take a look at our new and improved contributing page:

As a couple of people have asked, we can confirm that we did not deliberately time the 0.2.0 release to coincide with Linux's 29th anniversary! It is a cool coincidence though. 🐧

We will be producing a blog post in the next couple of weeks discussing what comes next now that 0.2.0 is out.

A brief summary:
* Work is ongoing for a Linux AppImage for 0.2.0 (expected September 2020)

* We will be investigating in coming weeks if we can port 0.2.0 to the Microsoft Store (Windows) and Homebrew (macOS)

* We will start planning what will come next in 0.2.2 (due January/February 2021) very soon

* We will elaborate on our new plan for Glimpse NX (see FAQ for preview)

We would like to remind Windows users that this is a brand new application we literally just released today.

We rely on people like you reporting false positives to security software vendors to help other users. 🙂

Other "Known Issues":

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Released today:
* Two Windows installers (one 32-bit, the other 64-bit)
* Linux Flatpak (single-file bundle & Flathub)

The Snap Store will be updated in the coming days. We also anticipate being able to provide a Linux AppImage in the first half of September 2020.

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We can now confirm that 0.2.0 is available on Flathub, and we just re-issued the single-file bundle flatpak on our downloads page.

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We can confirm that we have finally fixed the Windows build problem that was blocking the 0.2.0 release! 🎉

Thank you to GNU I.M.P and MSYS2 contributors for helping us to resolve this problem.

We will provide an updated release timetable in due course.

We would also like to confirm that we have found a potential workaround for the Windows port of 0.2.0 that will enable us to release it soon.

We will keep you updated as the situation develops. 👍

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It's still a work in progress (so there are bits missing), but we would appreciate any Linux users following us to give this 0.2.0 appimage a try on their distro.

Thank you to probonopd for their amazing work. 🤩

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