‪To confirm, we won’t be changing the default key bindings to match PhotoGIMP in 0.2.0 as it had a mixed reception on Mastodon, but in a future release 0.2.x release we aim to make it easier for users to switch between different preset configurations.‬

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To update on progress, expect the public beta for 0.2.0 within the next couple of weeks. 🙂

The release will rebase on 2.10.18, and have a new 64-bit MSI that supports custom Windows install locations. It will also have various minor quality of life improvements.

Depending on how we progress, we may also provide an experimental Linux AppImage (one vanilla, one with extra plug-ins) based on some excellent third party work we have been pointed to.

After *more* feedback, the home page has been updated with a better Glimpse NX placeholder image and more clarity over current development status.

The Home & Downloads pages also make it clearer which upstream version 0.1.2 is currently based on.

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After much feedback, we have now updated the "overview" section on the homepage. We believe it more accurately represents our aims and the differentiating factors for our fork.


That information will continue to evolve over time.

@glimpse I've also raised a Github Issue so people can find out a little more about our thinking and background info.


In addition to :gnu_imp: Gnu IMP, there are many other alternative free open source art software out there:

:glimpse: @glimpse (Gnu IMP fork)
:krita: @Krita
:inkscape: @inkscape
:blender: @Blender

If you have any others to recommend, please let us know in the replies! :bob_ross:

Thank you once more for your understanding. Keep being awesome, .ARTists! :make_like_edmonia:

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We have a question for our userbase! Since we provided a Wiki page on installing the PhotoGIMP plugin, several people have suggested should use those keyboard shortcuts by default.

Which would you prefer to use? (We're running polls on Twitter & Mastodon)

After being prompted to do so on birdsite, I’ve written a wiki page that explains how to install the “PhotoGIMP” plug-in on @glimpse

The splash screen and app launcher steps are optional, but I added them mostly because once you’ve applied the plug-in it’s not really the vanilla #glimpse experience anymore 😅🤷‍♂️


Check out the latest blog post 🎉


This month:
* We made a statement about our commitment to diversity & equality
* Provided an update on 0.2.0 progress
* Decommissioned old servers to bring our project's running costs down
* Thanked @chaomodus for their contributions
* Explained the pre-emptive moderation action we took towards the end of May

When we last counted on 2020-05-04, had around 30,000 active users, which is amazing!

There is some debate within our project about whether we should start hosting a self-help forum for those users this summer.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions. 🙂

‪As we have had a couple of people ask, we already have a policy of not maintaining a “master” branch in public git repositories.‬


To confirm for users, Glimpse Image Editor 0.2.0 is still scheduled for July 2020.

We have already successfully rebased the code to 2.10.18. Remaining tasks include:
* Backporting bug fixes
* Refactoring libgimp
* Packaging as AppImage
* Making new Windows install options

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Congratulations to the GNU Image Manipulation Program contributors for successfully releasing 2.10.20 🎉


Okay, we have a work-around! If you still need access to resources, you can find them at glimpse-editor.github.io

We've updated our domain across our online presence, and once DNS returns we will set up a redirect :)

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Hi everyone! Just confirming we are aware that the website is down atm.

We currently use Linode to propagate our DNS, but it seems their NS servers are currently rejecting requests. A support ticket has been raised with them.

We are pleased to announce a new and revamped project wiki!

While it is primarily geared towards developers and potential contributors, the "Known Issues" pages may be particularly useful to end users.


At this scary time of civil unrest, our thoughts go out to all users & contributors across the USA.

FOSS does not exist in a vacuum set apart from the outside world. We stand in solidarity with those demanding justice and condemn the heavy-handed police response.

Thank you for bearing with us :)

We plan to return comms channels to normal on Wednesday, when we will also have a new blog post updating you on our progress.

The explanation @trechnex provided in our mentions is accurate.

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Please note that we have temporarily restricted access to the Github repositories and our public Matrix channel.

This pre-emptive action has been taken as a precaution to protect our contributors. We are keeping the situation under review.

For those interested, an online version of @lgm kicks off today!

The program and live stream links are here: libregraphicsmeeting.org/2020/

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