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Yesterday we re-released 0.1.2 on Flathub to address an urgent bug with GNOME 3.36 that we had inherited.

Work on 0.1.4 will take another week or two before it enters beta. That is because we are troubleshooting Windows & Snapcraft builds, and adding a few extra features.

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Next week we will have a blog post on our progress, but in the meantime we took your feedback on board with the website.

There’s more screenshots on the home page, consistent branding, and a new FAQ about who signs our Windows installer.

Arch Linux & @elementary users rejoice! We just released a new Flatpak that fix issues with our software when it runs on your distro.

We turned around the fix within days of it being reported, but we took some time to test things properly before publishing to Flathub.

As part of our pledge to share our donations with upstream, will also be donating $100 US to the GNU Image Manipulation Program developers in April 2020.

That will bring our running total up to $150 US, which (for us) is currently the equivalent of three month's worth of donations.

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We're pleased to announce that has now been accepted on Github Sponsors! 🎉

All proceeds will go directly to our existing Open Collective campaign, with the added benefit that Github will match your contribution.

‪Yesterday evening (UTC) we produced a Flatpak in our development repository and the early results are positive.‬

‪a) The new patch fixes problems with GNOME 3.36 (such as the app crashing on Arch Linux)‬

‪b) updating BABL/GEGL also improves overall performance‬

Other changes coming soon in a 0.1.4 beta build this weekend:

* high contrast icon packs & UI themes backported from upstream 2.10.18

* the app icon will be replaced with one that works on light & dark backgrounds

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...and the patch has now been merged into the development branch. 🎉

There's still work to be done testing/packaging this across Linux and Windows, but we're on track for a release early next week.

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In the evenings (UK time) I've been working quickly on the @glimpse 0.1.4 release, which we're hoping to push out within a week or so.

It's sooner than planned, but we need to make sure it works properly for Linux users running GNOME 3.36. Atm not many of you are, but when Ubuntu 20.04 LTS comes out a lot of you will be!

I've had to push some features out to 0.1.6, but everyone should benefit from much newer BABL/GEGL versions loaded with upstream bug fixes. #LockdownGeekOut #glimpse

We will provide further updates on this problem in coming days.

A 0.1.4 release should happen within the next week that applies backported patches & updates underlying dependencies.

Shortly after we will build a pair of AppImages that function as extra "known good" Linux builds.

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‪We’re just confirming we have had further reports of not working correctly on GNOME 3.36.‬

‪* A fix is being actively worked on‬
‪* AUR will be fixed this evening (UTC)‬
‪* Our release schedule will change to assist Elementary users ASAP‬

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Hi everyone! Just letting you know we have fixed a problem reported to us about the Flatpak version of not working correctly for some of you over the past week or so.

A change was made on Flathub that broke things on some distros, so we have now reverted it!

psst... keep it under your hat, but is currently featured on the @ubuntu Software Center 😉

Check out the latest blog post! 🎉

* Glimpse Image Editor 0.1.2 is now available on Snapcraft

* We made a statement about our response to the COVID-19 outbreak

* Plans have been made to release Linux AppImages in March 2020, and an MSIX for corporate Windows users in April 2020

* Development has begun on a 0.1.4 release

* We have now reached 12,500 downloads in a little over three months!

We're excited to announce that has now been updated on Snapcraft! 🎉

We also worked with Heather Ellsworth to ensure the `beta` and `edge` branches built from our own `beta-g210` and `dev-g210` branches automatically.

The store page text has also been updated to match what you see on Flathub.

You can also follow many of the teams behind these awesome FOSS projects right here on the :fediverse: Fediverse:

:krita: @Krita
:glimpse: @glimpse
:inkscape: @inkscape
:blender: @Blender


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@oakreef it’s just a little behind. As we mention on our Downloads page, we don’t directly maintain the build on Snapcraft.

The build we produce is on Flathub, and within the next couple of weeks we will also provide AppImage files for Linux users with 32-bit systems and those 64-bit users that dislike Flatpak.

(We don’t have anything against Snapcraft, we just have finite resources so leave most Linux packaging to the experts who know what they’re doing!)

Finally switched from GNU IMP to @glimpse! I’m on Windows, and I’m glad that it actually kept all my settings!

We have received reports that people have been having problems running on their work machines (which typically run older builds of Windows 10 and very cautious anti-virus programs).

We are aware of the issues, and have already started investigating solutions.

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