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We have released a new blog post about project going on hiatus:

We would like to thank everyone that supported us over the last couple of years.

Thank you to everyone that sent kind messages to our contributors.

Our project's been dead for 18 months and probably isn't coming back, so it's doubtful that we are still even on the alt-right's radar. They also made their point quite comprehensively in 2019/20.

The aim of our post was to finally let you know about something we were too frightened to talk about at the time, and warn anyone tempted to rekindle our fork that it wasn't just COVID-19 that wore down our contributors. Stay safe!

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We would also like to take the opportunity to thank the Kiwi Farms users that have chosen to out themselves with publicly visible replies in response to our post on the federated timeline.

That is very big of them, and will help moderators from across the nicer part of the fediverse make this a warmer and friendlier place for everyone. 😘

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For those of you still following us, we would like to express our solidarity with .

In 2019 they disrupted the Matrix channel, then they targeted individual contributors, some of whom are still hiding and/or have threads on them today.

Outside of our own project, Kiwi Farms has driven their political enemies from their homes, off the Internet, and in some cases to suicide. We will all be safer when that website is finally gone.

As I have now ported my Gemlog post providing an update on the status of @glimpse #glimpse to the wider web, I'm making this a new pinned post. 🙂​


Hi everyone! Just letting you know that governance team did meet last week about future of the project.

To confirm, any future incarnation of will be a rewrite.

If someone wants to create their own spin of the abandoned forked code though, then @TrechNex is happy to answer questions. 🙂

In case anyone else spots it, our Twitter account is now "protected" because @TrechNex formally left the project a year ago, and feels that it is finally time for him to stop monitoring that.

He still checks this account periodically though, and if there is any project news then it will still be posted in both places. 🙂

By our estimations, it's the second anniversary of the project being founded.

Unfortunately we didn't *quite* make it to the end of our second year, but we did last a lot longer than most people expected us to in July/August 2019! 🙂

Thanks again to our users, supporters, and contributors. Without your help, our fork would not have been possible.

For those concerned about such things, I have now opted the Glimpse project website out of Google FLoC:

The project is on hiatus, but I do periodically check in to verify that the website is still up. 👍

We have had another FAQ: "How do I migrate my configuration to the GNU I.M.P?"

On Windows, your configuration directory is in "%appData%\Glimpse"

For Linux, we laid out all the locations in a table on this wiki page:

For those who asked if @glimpse could be a plug-in, we have looked into it! Sadly, it's not feasible.

Modified translation files have to be updated & rebuilt for each new 2.10.x release. Humans also have to decide when "gimp" should be "Glimpse" or "GNU I.M.P".

In addition, we would have to maintain separate plug-ins for Linux, macOS & Windows, because the GNU I.M.P is packaged & distributed differently on each platform.

We would still like to thank you all for the suggestions though

We have released a new blog post about project going on hiatus:

We would like to thank everyone that supported us over the last couple of years.

If you people don't know, recently Bobby Moss was forced to leave the Glimpse project due to his employer. This means I have to take over handling the fork.

As of current I don't have time to maintain it, but I plan to get 0.2.2 released during my easter break. Which will be the last version of fork-glimpse before it goes maintinence/hotfix-only.

Glimpse NX is now the main focus of the rest of the contributors, which I have minimal involvement in, in terms of coding. So I hope you will support their work going forward.

Hello everyone! As you have noticed, we are running late on the 0.2.2 release.

There are packaging issues on Windows, the Snap Store and our automated AppImage. We are working hard to resolve them so we can start our two weeks of beta testing as soon as possible.

Happy holidays to all of our users, contributors and followers that celebrate them!

2020 was a big year for , and with your support we look forward to continuing the good work in 2021.

And by "GIMP Studio Paint", we in fact mean "GIMP Paint Studio" 🤦‍♂️

We are clearly far too excited about this!

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Did you know works with a plugin called "GIMP Studio Paint" that expands the range of brushes, patterns and palettes?

We now have a wiki page with instructions here:

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