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[OC] frederik

(posting both versions because i still can't decide which hair color he has)

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hello guys!! :artpeek:

after so many time I'm here with another oc of my friend ( @Skittles ) :artaww:

his name is "moke" (btw it's the nickname I gave to my friend) :happey:

hope you guys like this one :star_eyes:

say hello to moke!! :tialove:

translation: "Hi! My name is Moke!"

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Hello guys, I'm trying to do pixelart, this is my second draw in pixelart (the first one i didn't post in this acc cuz it was just a joke)

So, this cute thing is Amelia, she's an oc of my friend [ @Skittles ]

I hope u like it :tialove:

Sooo i made this draw of this bunny, idk their's name (when my friend tell me they name I'll put down here)

credits for @Skittles cuz it's his oc :tialove:

btw his chest it's white but i didn't knew so i made it brown :da_fist:

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☆ Inktober Day 4: Prey ☆

sorry, I was not that good to do the draws, im going try to post all the draws. sorry.

btw i know that the blood is not good...

I like the idea that I had to do an draw of among us!! hope u like it.

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So, I wanted to do something different :bob_ross: and I think HMMM WHY NOT TRY POINTILLISM? So I did it, and that's it, the draw its not that good but I liked it anyway and I hope you guys like it too. thank you! :bear_hugs:

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TAILZ!! Just a sloppy doodle

They are a character I've found myself liking and relating to more and more over time... Also they are enby and u can't tell me otherwise

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