i cant stop drawing bnha stuff for artist alley, i hope ppl will buy it 😭

almost done with this one, slowly learning how to paint reflective surfaces(a preview for now) #art

i had to draw on holidays bc i have no money and oh boy tht took a lot longer than i thought, tho i'll post pics of some of them once my friends get them in the mail 😅

I just migrated stores and it is now online and re-stocked for the holiday season🎄!! I also added a 20% off coupon just enter HOLIDAYSALE during checkout this coupon will end on Tuesday !!
So far I only ship to US, CA and UK (hope to expand this soon)

❄Store - smachicado.com/shop

ive been doodling but im also debating whether to even post it since its just quick doodles of my angsty ocs 😂

i havent posted anything in awhile hello

con season is over so i have time to relax but i also have con blues now since i dont talk to artists tht much 😭

Im going to be at animenyc this weekend at table L11 !! I will also have some new bnha merch available as well so if ur planning on going be sure to drop by✨

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I see people being like "I dont want to flood the timeline with..."
LISTEN. I am here to see all your art, even your silly sketches. I am here for reading your work rants, your video game excitement, what you had for dinner, all y'all personalities. It's not bothering me, I LIVE FOR THIS

ive been blessed with a fursona but at what cost

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