If you love indulgent hyperactive action anime with beautiful men being gay as heck do yourself a favor & watch its amazing & I love it & will never stop trying to proselytize abt it

Its available to watch officially on crunchy roll!!

@glaucus I'm going to tldr at u til u watch it heres why its great

@glaucus the mc is shang bu huan/sho fu kan/"chinstrap" who is tired & dumb everyman who just wants to be left alone

@glaucus shang has to deal w/lin xue ya, a vaping fab hair flipping BITCH

@glaucus theres also these precious innocent babs who've never done anything wrong in their lives

@glaucus accompanied by a sharpshooter who can shoot like, anything. Anywhere. Anytime?? and a hot demon lady who has a+ makeup on point

@glaucus and Big Titty Goth GF literally named "destroyer of life" who has the gothest backstory ever and I love him so much

@glaucus theres amazing villains like "bones of creation" who is covered in skull beads!! and "princess of cruelty" these are their names!!

@glaucus she has a lesbian sword with a cute anime girl voice called, no joke "seven blasphemous deaths"

@glaucus theres also dark giorno & scary teeth bad cop & dragons & demon gods & skeleton birds & kaiju

@glaucus anyway its written by the magica madoka guy (I don't know his other stuff) b/c he visited taiwan & fell in love w/pili puppet dramas there (which have been going on for like 35 years & I wish they were translated so bad??) & he wanted to convert everyone so had good smile company (nendoroid folks) help him get pili to produce a japanese show w/them!!

@glaucus pili recently streamed their ENTIRE 35 year library of work & I watched some but very little is translated. There are canon same sex relationships & theres some bits on youtube. Everything is so OP & indulgent & really fun!

@glaucus I love this show about overpowered super villains trash talking each other

@glaucus sha wu shengs back story is so good & my poor baby boy he may be essentially an elemental of death who kills everyone he meets but he's very good & has never done anything wrong.

@glaucus you can't really make jokes abt this show cause then they just do the thing you said. In s1 I was like lol sha wu sheng is lin xue yas ex thats why he wants to kill him so bad then the prequel movie is so romantic they really are exes

@glaucus best background character. Barkeep who minces around w/his titties OUT its peak gay culture

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