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Thunderbolt fantasy is like what if every rpg end game villain & hero fully leveled op was just every character from the beginning & most of it is messy bitches stirring shit for fun. like if dissidia was as fun as it should be?

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I finally got around to watching the 2nd thunderbolt fantasy movie on crunchyroll. I waited so long but in these trying times I need goodness & enthusiasm. I can't wait for s3, I need to live for this.

Please check it out if you like thoughtful fantasy action & anime & puppetry. It looks very silly and it is but its very fun & thoughtful & indulgent & makes me very happy & I will never stop begging people to give it a chance!!!


time to break into fanart have this badly drawn catra

Cw food negative talk abt the world 

Dead animal 

Castlevania s3 

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