nothing anyone deliberately does with 3d can compare to a few seconds of any cg thing going horribly wrong which it does without ceasing most of the time and developers posting outtakes of weird shit gives me life

like honestly 3d stuff is the closest awake u can come to the shit your brain does when u sleep and thats very cool but i am very stupid and slow

Me looking at physical wire pose puppets: this is so cool & understandable to me
Me trying to rig something in blender let alone pose it: this is horrible, I feel like I've lost my mind, am I dreaming? Nothing is real, I'm going to clip thru this wall at 500mph at any moment & have all my bones explode.

Trying to document more things I like & want to cop, there are such good cute toys now??

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Still no job, and freelancing has pretty much dried up completely.

If you've got a couple bucks spare I could use the help. :/

(And thank you. I hate to ask *again*, and I can't wait until I'm the one able to *send* money to folks in need. #transcrowdfund )

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thinkin about dummy tom cats...esp the ones I saw in japan

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Reminder: every trans person has experienced social and institutional violence.

Trying to crank out small things for practice/because my functionality is pretty low right now & pikachu gasp

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@fanfi (...) like a lot of the healing aspects of talk therapy have more to do with the positive relationship with the therapist than insight into your problems (which is why finding a therapist you click with is instrumental). having someone who listens, empathizes, won't engage in your toxic relationship patterns, doesn't minimize your issues, etc. that generates a space for your body to experience safety and a non toxic dynamic with an other person and that starts to rewire your brain (...)

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Cooking comic not today but in the middle of the week.

But I gift you this super sexy topless pin up of the cat girl protagonist.

Without a CW because I'm a criminal.

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