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Mastodon should change its welcome message from "a place for real conversation" to "a place for saying I'm gay as many times as you can"

Javert knows that I am not feeling great so obviously the solution is a 60lb dog sitting in my lap.

There are worse things.

ヨッメ(Hカップの腿を愛してやまないネッコ mstdn.jp/media/kyPSMMkS9yy5wfW

Proper harness for Wasabi. We took a brief spin outside as she got all hyped up when I took it out of the package. #cats #catsofmastodon #mastocats

i literally can't tell if this story is good or not lmao

that's what i get for spitting in the face of english conventions, i guess lol

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Strawberry doughnut whale shark 🦈🍩

In case there was any misunderstanding regarding what Toxic Masculinity means.

It does not mean that all masculinity is toxic, it is a term from Social Sciences, describing negative socially constructed attitudes towards male gender roles.

This comic sums it up fairly well


The ominous show called Black'N'Deather is live right now, till about 7:15 pm EST / 01:15h CET / GMT+1. Today with a focus on the outerwordly, inhuman, Older ... beings ;)

Live at www.radiorock-fm.de / Audials or TuneIn App: Radio Rock FM

More info, also about chat + requests, plus show archive at: blackndeather.org

This is not bagging on front-end devs at all, this is lamenting:

1) the ability for something like React to allow folks to Lego something together without really knowing what's going on underneath, and

2) The above making companies think they can back-fill front-end positions with other devs because 'it's so easy!'

Recording of yesterdays show (Black'N'Deather) has been converted and successfully upload at Mixcloud: mixcloud.com/ginsterbusch/blac

Was slightly cut short thanks to a crashing DJ Tool (which again was thanks to an ISP outage).
Playlist is soon going to surface as well - all over here at the official site of the show: blackndeather.org ;)

@ginsterbusch Oh yeah, okay, I can get behind that. That sounds a lot like why I steered toward UX myself, I actually still tend to code a fair bit (Prototyping > static images, most of the time!) but 'designer' fits my approach a lot better.

MFW when I, a UX designer, have to explain inline vs. block elements to a front-end dev who's been here for over a year. :| :| :|

There are other people named Blake Stacey around the US. I know this because (a) I came across their records when opting myself out of person-search websites, and (b) sometimes they use my GMail address when signing up for things. I keep getting customer satisfaction surveys and even credit-card receipts from an auto dealership in a state I haven't even *visited* in years.

It's not so much "identity theft" as "identity gifting."

the ominous, ubiquitous and nasty show called Black'N'Deather is live now, till approx 8:30(ish) pm.

Featuring Black Metal in all variations, plus Viking and Pagan Metal. Sometimes, Thrash and Death Metal may occur :)

New station, old one sadly had to close down, so TuneIn / Audials Player app for "radio rock fm" or directly at www.RadioRock-fm.de :)

More Info about the show: blackndeather.org

Don't send authentication codes that expire in 10 minutes to people's email addresses, especially not without warning. Email sometimes takes longer - for instance, on polled and greylisting systems - and it may be difficult or impossible for the user to do anything about it.

even when i'm offline i'm still a little bit online