@leah Pro-Tipp: Schickt einfach NIENANDEN Bilder aus deren Kindheit bzw. postet sie öffentlich. NIEMAND steht auf diesen peinlichen Mist, außer (und BESONDERS) Mütter, Großeltern, Tanten + Co. o.O

@nex3 both are abominations that should be purged with fire :D ^_^

Guten Morgen liebe BiBesch-Freunde!
Sehbeeinträchtigte, die eine Bildbeschreibung wünschen, schicken uns bitte den Link zum Toot mit dem Hashtag #nobibesch
Wir kümmern uns dann darum

Heute abend (ja, heute!) ab 22 Uhr dreht sich im Chaosradio 249 alles um dezentrale Infrastruktur im Allgemeinen und Soziale Medien und das Feediverse im Besonderen. Und eventuell auch um Mastodon 😉. chaosradio.ccc.de/cr249.html

@nex3 works good for facial and head hair, but anywhere else: total no-go

@Riley guess I never finished my answer .. but: Most of what Sharkoon produces has been very reliable so far (Sharkoon Sharkforce, Draconia, etc.). Only the mice, not the keyboards (at least the Skiller Mech SKG1 is already starting to fluke out after about 3 months of use).

@Riley I'm very fond of the Sharkoon Shark Force mice. Got 3 of them so far (Green, Magenta and Black), all still in use.


Also nice: Sharkoon Drakonia, and the Gigabyte GM-6800 (took 4 years to finally break down)

NOT so nice: Logitech G700s. Horrible raw sandpaper surface, esp. for folks being afflichted with RSI. Plus those shoddy frail switches.

@Riley .. but that doesn't make it less hard to find really sturdy, reliable input devices that last longer than roughly about a year.

'Nowadays' Logitech devices completely fall flat, thanks to their seemingly very flimsy and mushy produced switches. That of corpse includes the middle mouse button. Just about the only really GOOD thing I'm missing on mice from diff. brands is: The 'free-wheeling' / spinning option from the MX (gaming?) series.

@Riley of corpse it depends on the brand and how "heavy" your average usage is. Eg. i'm a keyboard crusher, because I learned typing mostly on IBM Model M and similar verrry robust keyboards. Right now I'm smashing my way through the Sharkoon Skiller (Mech) SKG1, which just after about 2 months 9f use starts to show signs of mechanical "wear n tear".

Mice live in a similar kind of .. purgatory. Thus, I've been using gaming mice exclusively for some time /1

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When ur gf maybe likes the cat more than u 🐈💕🍬

Rumbustion is live NOW till approx 8pm EST / 03:00 o'clock CET. Slightly delayed thanks to insane before-xmas shopping orgy.

Tune in live at xtransmissionfm.com - or search for X Transmission FM on Audials Player or your favorite player app ;)

Also taking requests in the chat room: xtransmissionfm.com/chat/

Just noticed that it's been a damn long time since I listened to some Spetsnaz. :) *throws on playlist*


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