after extensive study of the queer community, I've concluded that the ideal partner would be a tentacle monster who enjoys raves and Steven Universe

Es gibt so viel tolle Software da draußen, die von Menschen in ihrer Freizeit entwickelt wird. Oft ist diese sogar frei und quelloffen. Schaut doch mal nach, ob ihr deren Entwicklerinnen mit ein paar Euro, einem Bugreport, einem Patch, einer Idee oder etwas Lob supporten könnt!

Guten Morgen liebe BiBesch-Freunde!
Sehbeeinträchtigte, die eine Bildbeschreibung wünschen, schicken uns bitte den Link zum Toot mit dem Hashtag #nobibesch
Wir kümmern uns dann darum

Heute abend (ja, heute!) ab 22 Uhr dreht sich im Chaosradio 249 alles um dezentrale Infrastruktur im Allgemeinen und Soziale Medien und das Feediverse im Besonderen. Und eventuell auch um Mastodon 😉.

Rumbustion is live NOW till approx 8pm EST / 03:00 o'clock CET. Slightly delayed thanks to insane before-xmas shopping orgy.

Tune in live at - or search for X Transmission FM on Audials Player or your favorite player app ;)

Also taking requests in the chat room:

Just noticed that it's been a damn long time since I listened to some Spetsnaz. :) *throws on playlist*

old oontz dog seeks low stress platform to share cathartic dark electronic music with no commercial potential and the nerdy low tech behind the scenes process...

Operating primarily as for a few decades, still making themed releases and not "bangers".

Hate googletube, facespace and bird. So please steal my catalogue at:

Coming up today: A new live editionof Rumbustion. Last show for 2017, but hopefully every few (1 - 3) weeks on x transmission fm ;)

Live today 2 - 5pm EST / 20 - 23h CET @
More info:

watch out gamedevs, gog wont want your game unless you launch with them first. (steam and itch have no such requirements!)

The 2017 Mastodon Mini-Census is here!
It's only 10 questions, so it's nice and short :]

Please boost this so we can get as many responses as possible

don't get me wrong, I like pasta, but there are so many INCREDIBLE noodle dishes out there

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FTP is a friendly transfer protocol that just happens to also transfer files.

When an FTP client connects to an FTP server, they exchange pleasantries, then sit down with each other have rousing discussions about their lives.

Once they're caught up, the client takes the stack of books it was handed by the user and proceeds to have an hour-long discussion about their contents.

The user is later upset because they've discovered those books were actually ZIP archives that were transferred in ASCII mode.

Javert knows that I am not feeling great so obviously the solution is a 60lb dog sitting in my lap.

There are worse things.

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