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Hey everyone! I'm Beth, an aspiring comic artist who's hobbies include drawing OCs and being terrible at video games!

This kid here is my main and favorite OC, Daniel (AKA: 3D)

Sorry that I haven't been super active lately, the depression's been kicking my butt ... BUT I'm feeling better now and ready to take on the world!!

btw this is Deiris, a light elf from a story I'm working on! isn't he a beauty?!!

doodle page of some random scenes from the webtoon i'm working on!!

Here's the updated concept art for the two main characters for my upcoming webtoon!

I'm so exited to finally show this story off soon ✌️

mods are asleep post the first cat meme ever created

Also just to mention (since I've been asked a few times) I'm currently working on my commissions info! I'll make a post about them as soon as I can! πŸ’•

And now I'm done uploading all my recent works!! Glad I got that off my chest!

Also I'm really proud of the anatomy in the last drawing! ☺️

@/hayytsuharu on tumblr was the winner of my recent sketch raffle!!
Here’s their ADORABLE OC!!!

is one of my favorite stories of all time, and I'm so exited to see it fully animated!

As a little tribute for it I drew my favorite riceball!

Katie all grown up!!

(She's the main character to the webcomic I plan to make after I finish up the one I'm currently working on!)

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