Episode 09 (To the Limit) - Episode 29 (Time’s Up) // Blood CW

I was listening to episode 9 last night and noticed this so I just… HAD to draw it because how could I not. I love parallels like this. I got a lil teary when I realised they said it the exact same way too

good news everyone i finally figured out how the fuck perspective rules work in CSP

One long summer night on a roof takes you higher than you have ever been before. // I drew some Tech/Lala last night because FUCK I love these two so much. I start crying every time Lala’s theme starts playing no matter what the context. I hope we get to see more of her bc she’s a fun character in her own right too

tomorrow maybe!!! i kinda just wanna veg out tonight anyways

o fuck i forgot it's polygon twitch night.... uhhhhhhh stream. cancelled? lmao sorry yall i wanna watch brian get half life'd

I’m gonna be streaming for a while later on! I have some half-finished Oddworld stuff I want to wrap up that I forgot all about during this month-long NeoScum binge. Probably gonna start around 9PM-ish GMT

Knocked this out real quick last night during a scene where Zenith touches that godforsaken pod they still have in the back of Xanadu because this is all I can think about every time it comes up… Z being a clone/artificially made looks like a real possibility and I got feelings about it

I posted Career Choices pt II on the online last night after doing a bunch of re-records and I love how it turned out. Career choices is a poem about a wizard and about work and about family. // soundcloud.com/user-466734659/

DEVIL GRLS because if there's one thing I like to draw it's Huge Women. Duke is tall but she's surrounded by people who are just fucking giants so she looks short compared to them despite being like 6ft. I might work on these designs some more ghostmoor.tumblr.com/post/1817

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📍digital artists
| _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
📍 naming layers |
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📍 toggling the 👁 button
to see what layer it is

🐦🔗: twitter.com/rebuttery/status/1

TRYING to keep up with My Own Damn Self and figure out where I've still gotta crosspost stuff. Outfit time! I had some stuff I wanted to fix and some stuff I wanted to try out on these guys and I accidentally stumbled on some very good design choices ghostmoor.tumblr.com/post/1814

Twitter is descending into hell so I have to start spending more time here where my image uploads aren't gonna get butchered

hey as much as i know twitter as a human experience sucks huge ass i made this tweet in reference to their plans to largely remove png support and render the platform a whole lot less friendly to artists lmao

Oddworld warm-up sketches from this week. I haven't been doing so much Oddworld stuff cuz I've been neck-deep in Scum Town but The Mood struck me again over these last few days

ok i stuck a sticky note on my PC listing all the places i have to crosspost art to in the future. hopefully i remember to actually look at this

(or without having to worry about the days-long production fiasco that putting a song together always turns out to be)

(I have more poetry in the works cuz it turns out I really really like just being able to speak about feelings and imagery without having to worry about connecting it all coherently in prose format and I find spoken word stuff very emotionally rewarding)

HOLD UP I just realised I didn't post this here. NeoScum has me so enthralled that I took the plunge and went ahead with not just writing down an entire Zenith-focused poem called FILE_NOT_FOUND but I RECORDED it too (fake accent and all, bc it felt right). It was very fun and the audio/words are over on soundcloud: soundcloud.com/user-466734659/

Been workin’ on some fashion lineups/variants for NeoScum designs and I had to draw Zenith in this outfit specifically because… it’s a look

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