Target Practice, part 4 (like........ a month late. my b). CW for more blood/death here. I still love the intense red in these pages and then the abrupt cut away

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Attempting again to catch up on social media posts. LET'S GO, starting with this comic I finished in April about Zenith of the NeoScum podcast, based around a confusion-spell-induced dream state scene that I took and ran with. The biggest project I've managed to see through to completion to date n I'm still in love with it

(CW for blood, character death and one incidence of mild gore coming up in later pages)

hello i'm alive and i'm here with pride month art. neoscums said lgbt rights

Box the anxiety up and put it in perspective (or: this is the most helpful way I've found to manage my short-term anxiety if I can keep it in the damn box)

u know what time it is... I accidentally wrote an 11k word sequel to BWIYD and you bet your ass I’m illustrating that too so I’m gonna be working on sketches >>>

You're trying to remember but I would do anything to forget // (mild eye trauma cw)

Satisfying my itch to draw both Aubrey and something that isn't sequential art. I played w/ limited palettes applied via gradient maps for this and I REALLY like the result

u know what time it is. it's NEOSCUM FRIDAY so i am picking up the same piece i was working on last friday for tonight's post-work stream

Streamin' time!! Still tidying up some old WIPs, colouring some character outfit lineups and maybe doing some inking if I get bored of that

Streaming again! Drawing some NeoScum for a couple hours 'til Blair does his thing later

Compiled some sketches of my Devil Girls and did some cleaner finalised designs... their outfits need some serious work but I really wanted to post 'em. The one on the left is called Moxie and the one on the right is Chroma >:)

Incredibly Aubreycore prompt I saw on Twitter last night that I absolutely had to draw. (figuring out how i wanted to crop/frame this took ten years) // (

woops this is mastodon not twitter you caught me C&Ping my tweet

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