i got burnt out real fast doing goretober maybe

I am very behind on crossposting art everywhere actually because. I don't have a reason

DID I REALLY NOT POST THESE HERE!!! A whole lot of background characters I made for roleplay purposes to flesh out Zooz's home village and give us some solid characters to work with so I don't have to pull stuff outta my ass and regret it later.


updated clip studio and my brushes and MMMM SMOOTH

9: Look at you, the golden child. Whatever would your parents think of the monster you’ve become? (Teeth). cw for involving the aforementioned and mild just by nature of it being goretober i guess

I skipped day 4 and I might catch up or I might leave it depending on how much time I have/if I have any particularly gripping ideas. Most of these so far I've had solid ideas for from the get-go but I got nothin for #4 and I don't wanna obsess over it for hours

5 & 6: Why not both? (Parasitism/choking on tentacles)

I didn't know what to do for this one until someone on tumblr suggested oktigi which is GOOD and also let me work prompts 5 and 6 into the same image. Oktigi are hell to draw because there's all of about two images of them on the internet

3: boils n sores n pus. Less gore and more just gross (I KINDA HATE IT TOO).

1&2: Oops! That's not right! (Bisected/sewn back together, from this prompt list: deviantart.com/zenophrenic/art )

CW for obviously, but it's not overly detailed/graphic

cw for some light gore/body horror. WELCOME TO LABORATORY HELL, i finally finished some art of my vykkers and gave them names so i can introduce these bastards and their test subjects to the world (more art in the link)


inktober is right around the corner huh!!! idk if i'm gonna commit to participating every single day cuz i wanna do some goretober as well but i thought abt doing some 15-minute doodles while i'm taking my lunch break at work

When I was using Zooz for tumblr RP I made up everything on the fly so when we finally got to their house in the current private RP/New Timeline I have going I realised I had no idea what their house looked like........... so I hit pause and knocked this together real quick. I love designing little spaces like this


A world map WIP for Asherah, because I've SORELY neglected that setting for months and I miss it. I've been trying to decide where the hell to start developing the history of this world, which has been a huge stumbling block for me, and I finally found a good angle to go in on (species' early-civilisation population ranges relative to climate) which is helping a lot. Some of this is already outdated but more on tumblr: ghostmoor.tumblr.com/post/1783

accrued a lil bit of an art backlog bc i've been lazy about crossposting stuff over the last week or so lemme fix that really quick

at this point I can just pull new mudokon designs out of my Ass. I'm just spinning new ones out of nothing for RP purposes. I've done like, 13 so far and I can and will (have to) do more

Images marked sensitive for alien boob. I started redesigning Marek's mom (Nadira) yesterday. I was gonna clean these up for colour/intricate design work but I like 'em in grayscale just to show the clothing layering.

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“But it’s never too late to make a better world.”

-- from It’s Better Than It Looks (Reasons for Optimism in an Age of Fear) by Gregg Easterbrook, page 282


ok these are claimed! i love gifting stuff to people

I have Steam keys going spare for the first four Oddworld games (Abe's Oddysee & Exoddus, Munch's Oddysee, Stranger's Wrath) if anyone wants 'em! Got em as an art book kickstarter backer but I already have them all. No rules, just first come, first serve

Trying to dress fully-developed mudokon queens is a NIGHTMARE

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