u know what time it is... I accidentally wrote an 11k word sequel to BWIYD and you bet your ass I’m illustrating that too so I’m gonna be working on sketches >>> twitch.tv/ghostmoor

You're trying to remember but I would do anything to forget // (mild eye trauma cw)

Satisfying my itch to draw both Aubrey and something that isn't sequential art. I played w/ limited palettes applied via gradient maps for this and I REALLY like the result

u know what time it is. it's NEOSCUM FRIDAY so i am picking up the same piece i was working on last friday for tonight's post-work stream twitch.tv/ghostmoor

Streamin' time!! Still tidying up some old WIPs, colouring some character outfit lineups and maybe doing some inking if I get bored of that twitch.tv/ghostmoor

Streaming again! Drawing some NeoScum for a couple hours 'til Blair does his thing later twitch.tv/ghostmoor

Compiled some sketches of my Devil Girls and did some cleaner finalised designs... their outfits need some serious work but I really wanted to post 'em. The one on the left is called Moxie and the one on the right is Chroma >:)


Incredibly Aubreycore prompt I saw on Twitter last night that I absolutely had to draw. (figuring out how i wanted to crop/frame this took ten years) // (twitter.com/MissMixi/status/11)

woops this is mastodon not twitter you caught me C&Ping my tweet

original content? on MY twitter? it's more likely than you think. these kids live in the irradiated desert and spend their time hacking together weird robots and they both want to go to space when they grow up ghostmoor.tumblr.com/post/1834

and waterfall but you're literally one person's spare time pet project so you are more than forgiven

I wiiiiiish some platforms made it easier to upload multiple images because I'm always drawing things in sets that really need to be posted together/are so numerous that it would be tedious for me and annoying for other people if I uploaded them all separately but compiling things into a single image is one of my least favourite tasks

OO BABEY let's start uploading that big string of fic illustrations I did

But what if you did? // in which Zenith has an unlikely and emotionally challenging encounter: archiveofourown.org/works/1797

Part 1 of 5. somethin's funky

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