Yndastra, the Celestial Spear, is a warrior of Signars inner circle. She is the terror of the monstrous.

Dreadscythe Harridans were in life healers, when they died their healing hands were replaced by scythes and were driven by an enraged bloodlust.

A Lord Executioner is a Nighthaunt who are sent to claim the lives of those who have escaped justice in the Realm of Shyish.
The remaining spirits of the wrongfully executed drift around them, crying in anguish and constantly harassing him.

Qulathis the exile has sworn to hunt the vampire that slaughtered her kin. Photo shows the unpainted and painted Version of the miniature

Glaurio ven Alten III is a Human Noble and the last of the ven Alten dynasty from the city of Ulfenkarn.

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