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a titty picture, SFW 

Finally, the last xmas picture from 2020, for Softpurr of her amazing bazongas. The airbrushing and freckles didn't scan the best. It's not the last picture I did during the year, but damn if it isn't a good way to see it out. πŸŽ‰

Unfortunately, this picture has been stuck in USPS Philadelphia distribution center purgatory for almost a month now.😭 2020 is continuing to curse me into 2021.

bare furry titties 

still more xmas art, this time a small gift for Butter and their super hot big titty goth gf πŸ–€ 🍞 yes their character is a dragon that is also a toaster and I love them

This was printed on my little Instax film printer and tucked into a card.

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In honor of the hottest gift of 2020. Everyone's getting one! (eventually)

I make a boatload of Christmas cookies every year. This is... probably about half of the total. We have mincemeat tarts (with homemade mincemeat), almond trees, rose wreaths, dark chocolate snowflake sandwiches, and goosefeet with tangerine zest and cardamom sugar.

There's also some intentionally burnt trees, dyed red, for @abortretryfail (bonus points to anyone who gets the joke)

Instead of big party trays, cookies were packed and delivered.

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#Trees and treelike forms are quick to show up in my experimentations and abstractions; their branching, reaching limbs are calming and intuitive to draw and paint. In these pieces from 2009 I also explored more muted, earth tone colors, which is unusual for me in my more current work.
#Art #AbstractArt #Watercolor #JordanLynnGribbleArt

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a watercolour of anatomical musculature of a hare 

watercolour and gouache on wood panel

I'm really fond of this one, it was my first time painting on transparent watercolour ground and I love the way the satin-like layers of lines held up.

I love anatomy. Bodies are wiiiiild.

I painted these four cats of the apocalypse as a present for a friend and his wife for xmas.

They were done in November, laminated, and then mailed out under the guise of just sending out a holiday card. Merry Catmas!

lol peach x bowser fanart. no nudity, just an adult situation 

After posting a bunch of Real Art, please enjoy this complete trash πŸ”₯ πŸŽ„ πŸ”₯

Merry Christmas, Signet, who would not stop bugging me to draw daddy Bowser art. This is probably not the daddy he wanted.

Dialogue is originally from a comic done by Scruffy the Deer on FA that had all of us howling with laughter.

SAI w/ Clip Studio for post.

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This FINALLY showed up at the owner's house after a harrowing shipping journey. I still have one small xmas painting unaccounted for. πŸ™

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SinRed 🍎 , Soft Boiled πŸ₯š and Borkfest πŸ₯ž
three new palettes I just released
available at LOSPEC

and my website

#mastoart #pixelart

oh my god I did not expect this kind of response for some weird cursed fairy deer picture

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Some progress photos of the process. The black watercolor paper is extremely fragile and could not tolerate erasing. I had to paint over the pencil sketch.

king of shadows, for a secret santa art exchange in goat club

9x12" but mats down to 8x10". Nicker poster paint on black watercolor paper, with some mica pigment for shimmer on the wings and flowers. Airbrush over that for the glow. I have a lot of progress photos of him, if people are interested. I really enjoyed working on the black paper and want to do more of these kinds of paintings.

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Hot gaming take? (No specific game in pertricular) 

High graphical fidelity in modern video games is nothing but a burden. Massive teams of people are being crunched to make sub-par video games that look shiny but can only run on the highest end hardware. It's expensive, harder to develop and rarely (if ever) results in a better game. 6th-7th gen graphics are good enough in my opinion. I'm getting kinda tired of all the barriers to entry when it comes to video games, it's easy to see why some people (myself included) pretty much stick to retro or indie games nowadays.

Xmas art is finally starting to show up, so now I can post things again! This is Ichabod, the best son, who's owner is

watercolor on a small card, was laminated and then mailed

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