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One of the good things about living in the alligator capitol of the US is the absolute tsunami of yard fruit every summer

I'm going to have a lot of art to post when all of these cards start showing up in the mail.

Everything I send out has a custom wax seal stamped onto it. It's real melted wax, and I do each one individually.

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Hello everyone, I finally have some prints on my shop 💖 ✨ I'm selling these below as pairs: a pair of pancakes and a pair of still life berries
Here's the link:

If you like my work, you can also support me by buying me a a coffee for only $3
Ty! #mastoart #pixelart

aw man I was looking through old art and totally forgot I painted these - three of my characters on IKEA gift labels

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I sent out another painting on black paper for a Secret Santa last Christmas. Here's some WIP shots of it, and the last picture is what it looks like under a UV light.

Nicker Poster color on some 9x12" black watercolor paper. UV glow was done with Noodler's Whiteness of the Whale and Blue Ghost mixed with gouache. The camera did a really bad job differentiating between the two - some glow is white and some is blue.

female pinup, sfw 

I keep a daily journal and sometimes do drawings in it instead of writing. This one is from earlier this year.

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lol so this is happening again

yes one of them is a cursed furby

ink on watercolor paper, each one is about 3.5"x5"

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I made a new painting after a long time and spacecows it is, therefore, I shall call it "stargazer".

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LAST ONES FROM THIS SET OF 20 omg finally it's done I'm freeeeee

This set of 4 contains my favorite one - the white and yellow boy named Sheltered by the Leaves. All of them do have their names written on them someplace, although with the scanning hackjob I did + poor penmanship, they might not be readable.

W&N drawing ink and micron on some Tomoe River paper

I missed seeing everyone's art so much 💖

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Kanto Route 7 for the Kanto Redrawn collab! Finished this piece about a year ago and i'm still pretty fond of it.

next to last group of painted letters, W&N drawing ink and micron on some Tomoe River paper

I really enjoyed working with this shellac ink. It's very similar to watercolor but handles a lot differently.

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Birbcam up!

Birdseed order arrived today - more seed, including a winter mix; the giant seed bells; and two big tubs of suet balls. Lucky birbs!

When the delivery driver was handing the boxes over, which each had about 10-15kg of stuff in there (the birds eat a lot ;p), he goes 'these are heavy' and I'm like, 'actual heavy or man talking to a woman heavy' then lifted them each in one arm and he was like o.o then just turned and left

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