@garvalf you ported something like bresenham line algo to UF4?!

@neauoire No, I've "implemented" the garvalf line algorithm, also called "dumb lines", I've just set the 2 extremities, then I plot the middle, then the middles of the middle etc. Not very efficient and quite naive but it was rather easy. I'll try to port Bresenham, I've already found some code for some forth variants (I suppose ColorForth).
I supposed it's what you've used in the Noodle code...

@garvalf it's a fun one to do in postfix :) I'd love to have a UF implementation if you get to that, I've been using UF to teach someone forth and I'd use it to draw some vector graphics.

try solving it before looking at my implementation, spoilers: git.sr.ht/~rabbits/catclock/tr

@neauoire I'm not that fluent in :)
It looks like I managed to achieve something anyway, but I should have tried to solve this using only the stack, by using variables it's quite a p.i.t.a. to call variable with all those @...
This is only working for one octant at the moment

@garvalf I use variables in the uxntal implementation too, it gets too messy juggling 10 different values on the stack

@garvalf ooh 😍 love that color theme. What is it. Something you put together urself? 🤩☕

@coffe No, it's using the color scheme + byobu!
You can get the .Xresources (for xterm) I'm using there:


@coffe I've also made a theme using ; you can get it from the same dotfiles linked above.

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