The Tomblr fandom is BACK. I'm the Tomblr fandom. and also reuploading this because i didn't like a detail LJDSFLFDSLKJ

fantroll posting 

trickster arcs are the baseball episodes of fanventures
feat @galaxymooing's floosh

Please hold me close to you!!
more epic #fantroll moments but this time trickster flavored #homestuck

I love trickster floosh she would be absolutely terrible KJDFSKLJDFSKL but she's also so cute.....

tavborn posting 

this was absolutely the funniest shit ive ever done. ok im done for today

#whiteboymonday #tavborn


resuming my tradition of every few months redrawing a specific idea i have for a lyricstuck i want to do someday. song is blame by air traffic controller. die tavros die

scopophobia & blood 

i just think they should be able to go apeshit #homestuck #fantroll #spoprstuck

alrighty since its the daytime, i will being art posting! this is what i did for 4/13! #homestuck #juneegbert #janecrocker

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