fgo mashu and gudako stickers i made for an upcoming local con this sunday!!

took me two nights to work on this.

friendly reminder that this is my art account, if you wanna hear me ramble/fangirl/livetoot stuff please do follow me @fuzzy_ren

some smol shirin/yumirin i made as stickers for a con!

read the captions to see the variation's names.


my piece for a Digimon Universe: Applimonsters fanzine!

really had fun working on this.

i don't think i'm able to post every art i posted from march, but i'll be posting my art dump from pixiv for your convenience.

dang, i haven't been using mastodon for 5 months!!

sorry for the sudden inactivity orz

Thank you,
I'll say goodbye to you,
towards the end of the world.
Don't blame yourself.

something for march 5th.

okay, real talk. i always forgot to post stuff here even tho i've been meaning to but sometimes my wifi is slow and when i'm at school the thought of logging into masto never seemed to cross my mind orz

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