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François Téchené @ftechene

Proposing guidelines for an ethical and harmonious app ecosystem. (Thank you @aral for helping me understand how we can improve the current state of mobile experience !)

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@ftechene François, you have no idea how happy it makes me to read this (and you’re very welcome!) Thank you for doing what you do and you know where to find me whenever you need anything :)


@ftechene @aral
I just read that report yesterday and today I discover you're on Mastodon! 🙋

@ftechene @aral nice! What about the cost of a particular action? E.g. I prefer calling my mum over WhatsApp as it's cheaper than phone call but it only makes sense when I'm on wi-fi.

@ftechene @aral Spot on, Purism!

Only thing I'd add is that I'm running this experience on my desktop (expressed in different words, though mobile may want to be extreme about it). And there the data providers are an extra layer behind the apps (libfolks, libevolution, the filesystem, etc), and given the common base I'd suspect Purism will end up doing the same.