@fruitballad My weak point are characters with light hair and dark skin. This is beautiful.

@littletivor tbf skin is probably the hardest thing to color… but everything is just dedication and practice, so let's all do our best 👍

@fruitballad I meant weak point as in "I love everything that is like this" hahaha. But I'm practicing dark skin as well~

@littletivor ah sorry for misunderstanding!! i have similar feelings 🎉wish there were more characters with this combo

@fruitballad No problema at all 💙 the one character who introduced me to this marvelous world was Angel, from King of Fighters (still the most fun character to play in a fighting game ever).

@fruitballad And she's sassy as hell~ She also made me discover I have a thing for girls with short hair 😅

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