before i go forward with this,, i'm wondering which palette is more appealing? 🤔

note: i should mention that i included more specific details in the image descriptions, so please look at those as well 😊

(pic 1) be careful with how many colors you use. there's no rule for how many colors is good, just think first before you add a new one to your palette.

think about how the colors look together, and how you can use them to pull focus.

(2) when there's a lot of extra objects, make sure their placement isn't distracting.

(3) prioritize your details. not every part of the drawing needs to be equally detailed, you can use simpler techniques on some areas.

the way you frame your subject also depends on the mood or character in your drawing.

(pic 1) repeating shapes and lines that don't connect, but mirror each other, can have an intentionally messy zigzag effect.

(2) you can use shading and highlights as well to form patterns.

no one asked but i'm giving anyways.

(pic 1) check your flow. are there any repeating lines or shapes? god character design will do this for you half the time.

(2) you can use both colors and lines to lead the eye. draw with a centerpoint in mind, color important things with contrast and detail.

(3) don't let the main focus get lost. even when including a lot of details you can take care to frame the main focus of your drawing.

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i shouldn't be drawing rn but i'm afraid if i don't finish this i'll never get him in game.

starting something new instead of finishing all my wips? unfortunately 😔

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🍬🌸 halfbody commissions for confettiparfait & bambeiis! I had so much fun drawing these cuties 😭💖💕✨

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Flower gal 🌸

Tried something new with the color palette hmmm idk tho

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a little doll named Sue tripped over and fell into a tea cup

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