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Oh yeah, I took some photos of the very wet London pavement on Monday. I'm presenting them here upside-down
#photography #mastoart #London

The next entry in my elemental tieflings series will be my tempest cleric Morlas. I think you guys'll love her very much. She names all the barnacles on her armour. <3

I had a few people ask me why certain herbs ,spices and flowers were used on that fire piece, so here's a brief explanation of their symbolism:

Rosemary: Love + memory, specifically fidelity
Clove: Friendship + good luck
Red Poppy: Pleasure
Nettle: Protection + expulsion of bad spirits
Cinnamon: Love, happiness + wealth
Orange Rose: Desire + fascination

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Here's the first entry into my series of elemental tieflings - here's my tiefling warlock/bard Loyalty, representing fire.

Loyalty is a tough critic to please...

"Yes...yes! This portrait is sufficient!"

Darn it, Loyalty.

Yes, I am aware volcanoes smell like sulphur.

I don't think you guys want that as a scratch and sniff scent.


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Important things I am now considering if this is ever printed:
- how expensive is scratch and sniff?
- do cinnamon, rosemary and rose scents go together?
- what do volcanoes smell like?

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So this weekend, I've been channelling my inner Bob Ross and painting happy little volcanoes.

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American tadpoles: you have one job to do today.


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Having a little bit of a muse for my water genasi/tiefling design. 

I've always considered tieflings as having hooves but this doesn't make sense if the tiefling has connections with the ocean. Hooves don't provide a benefit adaptation for ocean life. Yet, if a tiefling has frog-like legs or otter-like legs, do they still read as tiefling? Abyssal/deep sea tieflings like this though are definitely a fun concept.

I've decided to drop the the big blue photo social network and get myself a Pixelfed account. I have very little on there at the moment but feel free to come over and say hi!

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Sometimes I geniunely worry what Apple are doing. 

I'm realizing as well that what I'm saying is incredibly hypocritical considering I do own a few older Apple products. The reason I get annoyed about Apple so often is that there's definitely been a change in the philosophy between when I bought those things and the products that they're releasing now.

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Some ranting on the presumptuousness of a firm 

Ok, so I just did some research and talked with a friend about the new ipad: Apparently all those innovations (magnatic pencil and charging) is already available on the 2017 version of the ipad pro.
Also: The new one is sold als an 11", the smaller old one is 10,5" - while there isn't much of a difference, the new one is actually kind of smaller than the old one.
What the hell?

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Sometimes I geniunely worry what Apple are doing. 

Take the new Apple pencil for example - much nicer shape but still ridiculously over-priced. Plus it only works with the new generation iPad.

In an already broken world full of useless plastic that nobody can use, why you alienating people who are using your so-called 'older' products?

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twigtober 10.29 & 10.30 - Pets, Growth

double prompts on this last drawing, bc, I think it really shows how far I've come with my ink drawings in just a month... compare this to my first Inktober drawing this year! I'm pleased with myself for finishing the challenge this year, it's the first time I've ever done it.

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