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Oh yeah, I took some photos of the very wet London pavement on Monday. I'm presenting them here upside-down
#photography #mastoart #London

The next entry in my elemental tieflings series will be my tempest cleric Morlas. I think you guys'll love her very much. She names all the barnacles on her armour. <3

I had a few people ask me why certain herbs ,spices and flowers were used on that fire piece, so here's a brief explanation of their symbolism:

Rosemary: Love + memory, specifically fidelity
Clove: Friendship + good luck
Red Poppy: Pleasure
Nettle: Protection + expulsion of bad spirits
Cinnamon: Love, happiness + wealth
Orange Rose: Desire + fascination

Here's the first entry into my series of elemental tieflings - here's my tiefling warlock/bard Loyalty, representing fire.

Loyalty is a tough critic to please...

"Yes...yes! This portrait is sufficient!"

Darn it, Loyalty.

Yes, I am aware volcanoes smell like sulphur.

I don't think you guys want that as a scratch and sniff scent.


Important things I am now considering if this is ever printed:
- how expensive is scratch and sniff?
- do cinnamon, rosemary and rose scents go together?
- what do volcanoes smell like?

So this weekend, I've been channelling my inner Bob Ross and painting happy little volcanoes.

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American tadpoles: you have one job to do today.


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Having a little bit of a muse for my water genasi/tiefling design. 

I've decided to drop the the big blue photo social network and get myself a Pixelfed account. I have very little on there at the moment but feel free to come over and say hi!

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Sometimes I geniunely worry what Apple are doing. 

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Some ranting on the presumptuousness of a firm 

Sometimes I geniunely worry what Apple are doing. 

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twigtober 10.29 & 10.30 - Pets, Growth

double prompts on this last drawing, bc, I think it really shows how far I've come with my ink drawings in just a month... compare this to my first Inktober drawing this year! I'm pleased with myself for finishing the challenge this year, it's the first time I've ever done it.

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