Considering I finished a sketch of my boyfriend's fighter/paladin Thane a few days ago, I thought I'd post up the sketches of the other player characters Tala and Zal I completed over Christmas as gifts for their players!

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Hello friends, I have decided to abandon this account - you can now find me here: @mooncube

The reason is that I no longer feel comfortable with this alias and its ableistic nuances, as discussed here:

It was a tough call because I lose all my followers and posts, but its worth it. Follow my new acc if you want to see more of my work, and please boost for visibility if you can. Thank you, love you all. ❤️

#mastoart #creativetoots #art #ableism #disability

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My sketchbook is full of fluffy things at the moment!

I had some musings about firbolgs based on hedgehogs over on the birdsite this week, and had to get some ideas down in the sketchbook. There's a little Caddy from Critical Role there too, just for a test of the concept.

Also a happy Journey adding flowers to his antlers: the ultimate in decorative fast food.

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Hello fellow creators! There's a new directory feature on Mastodon, so that people can find you based on the kind of things you make.

Included are photos to help you add yourself to the directory. Here's the link to the directory:

1. On the right side you'll see that you need to opt into the directory. Click "Edit Profile"

2. Add your hashtags to your Bio

3. Below your bio you will see 3 check boxes. Check the last box which says "List this account on the directory."

Morlas wears armour? Underwater? I mean... Sure? That said, Morlas has an insanely fun aesthetic to play with. It's an amalgam of Japanese fairy kei fashion with seapunk, forced into a fantasy realm. Just because you wear armour doesn't mean you can't make it cute!

Khoury's here to help! Have you remembered:
- to take your meds?
- to have something to eat?
- to drink some water?

"Okay, gang." declared an excited Loyalty. "We've successfully converted Frog to the tiefling cause. Once she finishes the other three paintings, we'll take over the world!"
"But what if the people don't want to be converted?" remarked Journey.
"You're no fun." growled Loyalty.

'Mor' progress on the water piece in my Elemental Tieflings series!

Here's some art slump sketches I promised to post on the birdsite recently, including the first appearance of my Erinyes-tiefling Zephyr.

For those who were curious, Zephyr's design is very much inspired by Amy Deanna and Letitia Wright as Shuri.

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What's a collective noun for a group of tieflings?

I'm going with mischief. A mischief of tieflings.

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Oh yeah, I took some photos of the very wet London pavement on Monday. I'm presenting them here upside-down
#photography #mastoart #London

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The next entry in my elemental tieflings series will be my tempest cleric Morlas. I think you guys'll love her very much. She names all the barnacles on her armour. <3

I had a few people ask me why certain herbs ,spices and flowers were used on that fire piece, so here's a brief explanation of their symbolism:

Rosemary: Love + memory, specifically fidelity
Clove: Friendship + good luck
Red Poppy: Pleasure
Nettle: Protection + expulsion of bad spirits
Cinnamon: Love, happiness + wealth
Orange Rose: Desire + fascination

Here's the first entry into my series of elemental tieflings - here's my tiefling warlock/bard Loyalty, representing fire.

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