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Ahh, I've never had my art turned into an emoji on server before but I love it! :beholderlove:

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Thanks to @friskycomics who has graciously allowed us to use it, .art now has that super cute beholder as an emoji :D


You can see the full size one here:

Do check out Sarah's comic at :artpaw:

I really loved Lucy Bellwood 's 100 Demon Dialogues comics, and the folks at Axess Lab wrote a nice article on the process of writing the alt text for the ebook version. Bonus points: They do include video examples of reading the comic with a screenreader!

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Do you ever find yourself trying to figure out HOW to write accessible alt text for your comic? Veronica Lewis wrote this really good guide on doing just that that I apply to my website and how I describe panels!

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Morning humans! One of my passions (partly because of the day job) is , and I like finding ways to apply that to comics. I'm going to post links to resources on helping to make your comics more accessible at the hashtag (As well as just replying directly to this thread)

Watakoi's OP is on my list of favorite anime openings, but I feel like a lot of that is just the absolute flex of their hand animations.

(Also it's just fun to have an anime about geeky adult friends being geeky adult friends and I would love more anime like this)

Also welcome to me having to remind myself yet again I not need to do another 80+ hour replay of Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal (although I really want to).

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Unless it involves a group of plucky outcast teenagers using a phone app to travel to Palaces to help change the distorted desires of others, I just want to massively cringe every time I hear the word "metaverse."

Sometimes I do non digital art, but it almost always comes out kinda geeky. In this case, full on embrace of my great love for . What is some fan art you’ve done that you are proud of? I would love to see it!

So after some recommendations from friends to watch Spy x Family, I am watching it and, peeps, I love the opening music number. Fun music and delightful animation style. Anyone else watching?

Here's my contribution to of a happy little beholder who is just happy to be here.

One of my big arguments for in comics is it actually helps you, the cartoonist, a better editor of your own work. Lots of us tend to be a party of one, especially when starting out. Take the time to write alt text descriptions and closed captions for each panel honestly helps me catch spelling errors/layout errors I might not have noticed when my brain was in ink/color mode.

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One of my goals this year is to write an article on and webcomics. There is a lot of fun stuff I did on my comic's site that I would love to share with others how to do.

(Also lots I could do to be better, but in general would love more conversation in this space. As a ux engineer, this type of content tends to be my jam, and I love exploring ways to make comics more accessible)

I tend to watch/listen to a lot of Drawfee in the background while I'm doing other work, and this episode (specifically Julia's drawing) REALLY makes me want to learn blender / level up my background work in general.

Also hey, if you like videos of art, here is a vid of the above picture. I know I love watching other people's progress videos since it helps me learn new techniques, and maybe others will enjoy this.

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Labyrinth was probably one of my favorite movies growing up (no doubt because it was about a girl named Sarah with a litter brother, and she really liked reading fantasy books so clearly we were like the same person). What movie did you really love growing up?

So here is a more show & tell version of my , and some digital art I've done recently. I tend to be very inspired by rpgs, fantasy, and scifi, and I think that kinda shows.

Also can I take a moment for a giant shoutout moment that the lack of alt text description on images is so very clearly called out on here? Like omg, I love it. Other platforms it tends to be a pain in the butt to find.

You can also read the whole comic at (and it includes alt text and closed caption mode for peeps who need it/like it)

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