Doing a talk for my coworkers next week on comics and accessibility. Do I work for a comics company? Nope, but so am doing the talk anyway! Mwuahahah

(He did nothing, btw. Eventually the bee flew out of the windows I opened in the kitchen while I hung out in the hallway)

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I love bees. They're great pollinators.

But if they're in my house, welcome to me hiding behind my cat hoping he'll take care of the situation.

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This is what's wrong with the tech industry. The expectation that one should give their free time *EVERY DAY* or you're somehow "not passionate".

My response to that would be fuck you and your shitty fucking culture.

My kids and family are FAR more important to me than your ridiculous expectations.

</rant> πŸ™ƒ

I always loved this 404 image I drew for my website a few years ago.

Some days are rage into the void days.

Today is definitely one of them.

Taverns in fantasy settings tend to not have websites to advertise their tavern, but if I did, I image this would have been on the one for A Need for Mead showing of their team.

Veronica, naturally, is not quite sure why she's here and doing this..

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Daily reminder to consider image descriptions when uploading your media :D

Image descriptions are used by our blind and partially sighted users who use screen readers; the readers read the image descriptions to describe what's in the image.

For help on how to write them:

Please consider using them - we like accessibility here :bowie_stardust:

@Dervishpi Oh I agree, it is absolutely helpful to have at least one character that can help lug around heavier items.

When you're the half-orc of a adventure party, sometimes you end up getting stuck carrying all the gear.

I really liked the Audio Descriptions talk in this, and one day I would love to play around more with recorded audio transcriptions for comics to use in place of screen reader. I think it could really help the comic come alive for blind/low vision readers.

Also all I can think of is the rad audiobook for Nimona and I want to see what I could with that in web space

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I've eaten dinner, so time for another link!

So last August, the SF State Comics Studies Program, Program in Visual Impairments, and Longmore Institute of Disability hosted a one-day symposium to explore considerations for adapting comics for blind and low vision readers. They posted the whole thing on youtube and there was a lot of interesting ideas discussed!

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Here's a character from a story idea I've been playing with for awhile, but I'm not sure if I want to go a graphic novel direction or an interactive visual novel instead. So for now, pictures of her sit on my hard drive, silently judging me for not working on her project yet.

What characters do you have sitting in notebooks/hard drives for future stories you wanna tell. I wanna see 'em!

@Curator Spelling has NEVER been my strong point. Oddly why I like writing alt text for comics, my CMS helps me catch errors before I post my comic! On socials it's just me and pure chaos.

And I just realized these were all tagged and not . Welcome to Sarah being medium at hashtags.

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@Sunnysockeye ah! I have seen the terms sometimes used interchangeably before, thus the confusion. Concept art/sketches and stuff would me lovely to see tho!

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