I always loved this 404 image I drew for my website a few years ago.

Taverns in fantasy settings tend to not have websites to advertise their tavern, but if I did, I image this would have been on the one for A Need for Mead showing of their team.

Veronica, naturally, is not quite sure why she's here and doing this..

When you're the half-orc of a adventure party, sometimes you end up getting stuck carrying all the gear.

Here's a character from a story idea I've been playing with for awhile, but I'm not sure if I want to go a graphic novel direction or an interactive visual novel instead. So for now, pictures of her sit on my hard drive, silently judging me for not working on her project yet.

What characters do you have sitting in notebooks/hard drives for future stories you wanna tell. I wanna see 'em!

Oh, one last note on what I do for personal site. I actually have the alt text also visible at the bottom of the page for easy copy/paste alt text for socials., I also include character images for screenreader description of the character's appearance, as well as a link to more info. I only describe a character in comic if it is their first appearance or they have changed appearance to help keep a cleaner reading experience.

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2. Along with a descriptive alt text for screen readers, I added a "Closed Caption" mode. This is for peeps who may not always require a screenreader, but for whatever reason, may have difficulty reading the comic. (low vision, dyslexia, bad eye strain day, etc). I use local storage variables so peeps could set settings to their preferences and keep this feature turned on.

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Sometimes I do non digital art, but it almost always comes out kinda geeky. In this case, full on embrace of my great love for . What is some fan art you’ve done that you are proud of? I would love to see it!

Here's my contribution to of a happy little beholder who is just happy to be here.

Also hey, if you like videos of art, here is a vid of the above picture. I know I love watching other people's progress videos since it helps me learn new techniques, and maybe others will enjoy this.

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Labyrinth was probably one of my favorite movies growing up (no doubt because it was about a girl named Sarah with a litter brother, and she really liked reading fantasy books so clearly we were like the same person). What movie did you really love growing up?

So here is a more show & tell version of my , and some digital art I've done recently. I tend to be very inspired by rpgs, fantasy, and scifi, and I think that kinda shows.

Also can I take a moment for a giant shoutout moment that the lack of alt text description on images is so very clearly called out on here? Like omg, I love it. Other platforms it tends to be a pain in the butt to find.


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